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Let's see I'm 31, live in Colorado, and about ready to track down the USPS driver with a rifle to get my Kindle. Unfortunately I don't have a horse, which ruins the whole image.

My husband has found it humorous my constant kindle devotion right now (he keeps calling me kindle girl). I'm getting nothing done at work as I look for kindle reviews, add chapters to my kindle, and check my tracking hoping that Amazon will actually show something.

So I guess the quick important things about me (prepare for TMI download):

I will read practically anything, though I love fantasy and the classics
I play D&D, and will talk about the last session/character until you start slowing inching for the exit, then I nail your feet to the floor without pausing
I'm not a girly girl or a tomboy, I'm firmly in gamer/geeky girl country
Apple is not a computer company, they make consumer electronics, I will buy an Itoaster before a Mac computer
I believe in "from scratch" cooking & baking whenever possible, and been known to ship care packages as far as France. Do you know what it costs to send chocolate chip cookies second day???
I personally own a gun and yet skew Democrat
We love kids but don't have any yet.
Got Wood for Sheep?

and of course

Joss Whedon is GOD.

Lara Amber
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