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Experienced Professional Proofreader Going Independent

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My name is Margaret Dean and I've worked as a freelance proofreader for professional publishing houses for the past thirty years. Now I'm bringing my expertise to the independent publishing market.

I'll go over your work with an experienced eye; I'll catch typos, correct spelling and punctuation errors, iron out grammar and usage glitches, and do whatever else is needed to give it the professional, literate polish it deserves.

All varieties of fiction welcome short of full-on erotica (romance-level sex scenes are fine); I'm a longtime SF & fantasy reader and won't boggle at alien terminology or invented languages. I can also handle non-fiction written for general audiences.

• Rates: $.35 per 100 words, with a $50.00 minimum, for a two-week turnaround. Rush rates (1 week turnaround or less) $.50 per 100 words.

• Software: Microsoft Word Track Changes

• Contact Information: Email me at [email protected]

Special Introductory Offer: If you're an author I've never worked with before, you'll get 10% off the first job I receive from you.

Check out my profile at LinkedIn: <>
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Finished the first pass on my first job gained through this list, and will be ready for another by next Tuesday (after Mythcon!).
I am now back from Mythcon and ready to take on more work!
Ten percent discount for the first ten customers is still in effect!
Quality of the Week:  I am (apparently) one of the few people left alive who knows how to conjugate "lie" and "lay" properly.
Quality of the Week #2:  I majored in French at college, so I can read and correct French excerpts as well as English.
Quality of the Week #3:  If you're writing a Regency romance, or other historical fiction set in Great Britain, and want to have your titles of nobility and forms of address correct, I can do that too.
Quality of the Week #4:  I have an OED and I know how to use it!
Quality of the Week #5:  Language in general is one of my interests, so I enjoy and support creative uses of it.
Having just sent back a job, I am ready for more work.
Ten percent discount for first ten KBoards customers is still in effect!
Quality of the Week #6:  As an Anglophile American with an interest in language, I can handle either British or American spelling and diction ... and make sure that whichever you choose is consistent.
I just sent back a job and am ready for more work (yes, even over the holidays!).  Ten percent early-customer discount is still in effect!
A joyous holiday to all, and a happy and productive New Year! :D
ggwynter said:
Hi Margaret! I'm new to kboards and just came across this thread. Do you have a website I can check out? Also, have you proofread fiction, specifically romance? Thanks!
I don't have a professional website, no ... that's not my area of expertise. I'm very good at keeping up-to-date on my email, however; you can find my email address in the initial post in this thread.

Yes, in my career I have proofread primarily fiction, which has included a lot of romances of all varieties (contemporary, historical, paranormal, comedy, suspense... you name it).
Having just sent back a job, I am ready for more work.
Anonymously Anonymous said:
Math is not my strong suit.

So on a 100,000 word manuscript, you charge $350?
That's right. (Math is not my strong suit either, hence my not fiddling with fractions-of-cents-per-word! And thank God for the calculator function. :) )
Ten percent discount for the first ten customers is still in effect (fortunately the calculator function can do that, too)!
One of the things I find I like about the independent, electronic market is that I can work with authors all over the world, with no worries about shipping large stacks of paper about!
Quality of the Week #7:  I'm good at deadlines.  In thirty years of proofreading, I can only recall a couple of times when some unexpected circumstance caused me to return a job a day or two late.  If there's a due date, the job will be back on that date.
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