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A question for those more experienced at utilizing the Kindle Select FREE days effectively.

Got my New Release called Who To Read After Fifty Shades of Grey (spotlighting 50 authors to read in the genres of romance and erotica) currently up to #86 (according to the chart - which seems to update before the product page for some reason).

Free run was two days- scheduled to end today. First two days I've used of my allotted five.

Question is: Do I extend by a day or more to maximize downloads?

I have no other titles in that particular series (yet), but have 9 WTRAFSOG (What To Read After Fifty Shades of Grey) box sets that are getting some exposure as well.

This was with getting rejected by Bookbub and not getting picked up by any of the other "big names" ... so I am tempted to save the days and re-submit to Bookbub and some of the others with more time to plan next time.


Thank you.

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