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Extra Credit: Loyalty! -- Dan's on the run, who can he trust?

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Extra Credit: Loyalty! was released release on March 27, 2015 and is the sequel to Lesson One: Revolution!

After he admits his true role in his failed attempt to overthrow the US government, Dan Starney suddenly finds himself out of prison and on the run. The police are on his heels, but they're not alone in looking for Dan. The bonds of loyalty are stress-tested repeatedly as Dan seeks to regain control over his own future and what remains of his revolutionary army, but a shadowy organization has other plans for him.

Available for the Kindle, in print, and as an e-book via the NOOK and Kobo e-reading platforms.
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The final publication-ready copy of the book is now on file with KDP, so the release will occur as planned. I'll admit I was getting a bit concerned this past weekend, and the lesson I'm taking from this first experience with pre-orders is to not set it up and commit to a date until I think the book is done. That way any last-minute changes are minor, unlike what I was fixing up over the past 72 hours or so.
I used the pre-order feature for the first time with this book. Not a terrible experience, but now that the book has been released and I can look back on how the pre-order process went, I doubt I'll use it again unless my audience of readers grows substantially.

Edited to fix typos, etc.
I plan to enroll Extra Credit: Loyalty! in KDP Select tomorrow, so today I'm taking advantage of my ability to give away free copies on my own. If you would like a free copy of it and/or the first book in the series, contact me today (Seattle-time).
Now that Extra Credit: Loyalty! is not enrolled in KDP Select, the e-book edition is no longer limited to the Kindle. As of this week it can be purchased through other e-reading platforms, currently including NOOK and Kobo with more platform coverage planned soon. (See the first post in this thread for current links.)
If you are one of the many people who decided to buy a gun to protect yourself and your loved ones, perhaps as a reaction to the attacks in Paris or the attack in California, I urge you to put safety at a very high priority. To help you (and others with access to your firearms) remember basic gun safety, you can download a poster version of the gun safety tips that appear in the back of Extra Credit: Loyalty!, in either PDF or JPEG format. This poster was developed before the recent terrorist attacks, but the information is timeless.

Don't let your firearm be a source of tragedy -- learn to use it and secure it safely. Download this free poster to get started:

Gun Safety Poster - PDF version (for printing)

Gun Safety Poster - JPEG version (for viewing on monitor/device screen)
This weekend you can get Lesson One: Revolution! (the first book in this series) as a free Kindle download (see the other thread about that), and you can also get the second book -- Extra Credit: Loyalty! -- for free too... but via instaFreebie instead of Amazon.

Get your free copy here:

Or if you don't want to submit your email address, you can always get it through Amazon for your Kindle (but not free) - Extra Credit: Loyalty! (Dan Starney Novels Book 2)
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