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I try hard to be polite to the customer service folks, among other things, it helps me get what I want; in addition to which, of course, random acts of kindness & all that. I usually do just fine, but I can't remember the last time I was delighted and completely blown away by a customer service experience.

Well, today I was ordering a new planner. I've used Day-Timer in the past, and love how you can customize everything. So anyway, I decided to call just for the heck of it and ask for a discount.

The EXTREMELY nice helpful person, Marie, I spoke with spent quite a while looking for discount codes. That was enough to impress me right there. Then, when she couldn't find anything, she apologized that she could only give me 10% off my whole order. :eek: Um yeah, I was QUITE happy with that!

Then, to top it off, I ordered something that the computer system wasn't sure was in stock. When I got home Marie had EMAILED me, told me about the problem, told me what she was going to do to fix it, and that it would be tomorrow, as she was in tomorrow & was going to handle it personally.

OK. So now I was just in awe. I had to tell y'all. Not sure if anyone needs a planner but holy crap! If you do, by all means, go to them! ;D

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