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Facebook page "likes" problem

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I found this video to be, unfortunately, interesting and relevant. The is is from the YouTube channel is called Veritasium, which is basically a science video blog. It has some pretty awesome stuff. This is unfortunately not awesome, but is useful for everyone who advertises on Facebook. To paraphrase - what this guy found was that you really want to be careful about who is liking your page when you pay for promoting your page. But unfortunately there's not much you can do about it, and you also can't remove "likes" that you think may be fraudulent.

also this one...
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Have to admit my internet is sketchy and I could get the video to load but wanted to say that Facebook does know about fraudulent "fake" accounts that like pages. It's one reason why they changed contest/rafflecopter guidelines so that you cannot use liking a page as an entry because those like were useless.

Personally, I've only run 1 ad for Facebook Likes on Facebook and didn't find it that successful. The ads I usually run on Facebook are specifically promoting my books with click to website (retailer) and targeting fans of books and authors similar to mine or using a website custom audience.

Again, sorry I couldn't pull the video up.
What the video shows is that pages are getting likes from click farms which are unpaid clicks, not paid clicks. This is done as a strategy by click farms to mask their activities. He showed a map of his page likes, by country of origin, and then the amount of engagement by people who liked his page. Even though he has never paid for likes, he is getting a lot of likes from Egypt, India, etc, and almost none of those "likers" ever engage (re-post). When you get these extra likes, even when unpaid, it really is detrimental to your organic reach because each post your make is sent to only a fraction of your "likers", and the higher the proportion of illegitimate (but unpaid) likes you have, the lower the chance that your real fans will see your post.

So you want to weed out the likes that are people that basically like everything. They'll never re-post or "engage".
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