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Frank, do you have another job that pays your bills? I know that's a really personal question, but as long as you can keep writing while you're working and getting your bills paid, stop and ask yourself why you write in the first place. Is it just for the money? Or do you love to write? is getting paid to write an added bonus to the bliss of creating amazing worlds and characters, or is it your focus? Getting caught up in sales destroys the passion to write, especially if your sales are on the low side, and sometimes it's hard to keep your focus on the passion of writing if you're all wrapped up in how many books your selling.

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FrankZubek said:
Good question
And I'll get personal
I'm moving to a cheaper place next month (as well as closer to my job) to try to stay afloat

The grocery job, while paying the bills, isn't enough where I can enjoy my life

While the writing is very enjoyable most of the time and feeds my muse, I AM doing this for some money so that I don't have to worry so much about living month to month

I'm also a cartoonist and I am trying to find a way (and a theme) to work on and try to make some cash flow that way plus the writing

I am lucky in a way where I don't have to have a second 'real" job in addition to the main day job

I am lucky my wife allows me the time needed to write

I am lucky I DO have a day job that handles most of the monthly expenses

But I AM in a slump of late because I thought I'd be a bit further along financially, creatively.

I guess I need to make a few adjustments since what I am doing now isn't working as well as I had thought it might.

So yes, I am doing this for money. A doubling of current numbers would help out.
And yes..... I am also doing it because I love it so much and I hope it shows in the work.
Kind of tricky double edged sword there

But I have been thinking that I might need to change genres in order to get where I want to be
Hope that answers the question
Thanks for answering honestly. The reason I asked is because I'm going through a bit of a slump myself, and my husband, who also writes and outdoes me numbers wise literally about 20 to 1 every month had to remind me of why I'm writing. I freelance edit, that's my job and it allows me to set my own schedule while still making enough money to pay my bills and feed my family and find time to write my own books. When sales slow down or stall, it gets frustrating because you think of how much you love your book, your characters... how much time and effort you put into the story and all the other aspects in prepping it for sale. Maybe a genre-shift would help, as long as you're writing in a genre you love that's also a bit on the popular side. On the other hand, maybe reevaluate your promotional tactics. Who are you marketing to? Is it your audience?

Keep on keepin' on though, and never stop feeding your passion. :)
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