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Frank, we're all with you my friend. Money sucks, but we all need it! :)

I hope you keep writing, in any capacity, because as writers, if we don't write, what the hell do we do then?? I will, in being honest, I'll agree with the comment on covers and blurbs. It's important to have that cover that captures the book and looks really professional. And marketing... well, it's a bitch. But I'd get out there more then - get guest spots on blogs, etc. get on goodreads, etc... and tell you what... you pick a date, ANY date, and I'll have you come by my site and throw up an interview... talk about your books, your plans, etc. AND I'd love to have you stop by another site I run called HorrorChat ( and talk about your books... the Smashwords blurb mentions horror, weird shit going on, which is right up our alley on HorrorChat. I'm booked for June (because it's zombie month) but we can schedule something for July.

You also mention cartoonist... do you have stuff available? I'd love to see it!

This right here is why I LOVE KB and the indie community... many of us are in the same boat and as long as we can try to help each other out, we can get there.

And remember, this is a business and business takes time. I look at my ever growing stack of bills and feel my stomach turn with each passing month.

No pity here for you Frank, like you said, but just a fellow KB friend offering help. ;D

FrankZubek said:
Good question
And I'll get personal
I'm moving to a cheaper place next month (as well as closer to my job) to try to stay afloat

The grocery job, while paying the bills, isn't enough where I can enjoy my life

While the writing is very enjoyable most of the time and feeds my muse, I AM doing this for some money so that I don't have to worry so much about living month to month

I'm also a cartoonist and I am trying to find a way (and a theme) to work on and try to make some cash flow that way plus the writing

I am lucky in a way where I don't have to have a second 'real" job in addition to the main day job

I am lucky my wife allows me the time needed to write

I am lucky I DO have a day job that handles most of the monthly expenses

But I AM in a slump of late because I thought I'd be a bit further along financially, creatively.

I guess I need to make a few adjustments since what I am doing now isn't working as well as I had thought it might.

So yes, I am doing this for money. A doubling of current numbers would help out.
And yes..... I am also doing it because I love it so much and I hope it shows in the work.
Kind of tricky double edged sword there

But I have been thinking that I might need to change genres in order to get where I want to be
Hope that answers the question

To Momilp- thanks for the kind words. Yes, I do love Crowell and maybe he'll find his way after I let him go. I think he'll be okay because he's tenacious like I am. But unlike him, I live in a reality that demands I need money every month. I love the guy but hanging out with him most of the time, of late, is costing me money. Time to leave him alone for a bit. I DO plan more in the future but that depends on what I can tweak with my time/life this year and next.
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