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Well, as you can see from my signature I have removed Nick Crowell. But only for the summer.

I had planned 3 volumes but I think I'll give the whole project a little bit of surgery and tighten it up so that it's just 300 pages with a new cover, all within one book (probably with a subtitle of "A novel told in stories")

I'll give it a different title and quietly put it back on Amazon....... and move on from there. I'm thinking Halloween. The working title for now is going to be "A Strange Life"
In fact, a very nice person here gifted me a cover offer and I'll use that opportunity for the new cover to "A Strange Life"

And it's not that I'm trying to continue to reboot it to make another 75 sales. I know that would be bad. For one thing I don't think Amazon will allow me to resubmit it under the original title after taking it offline.

For another... it would seem the whole concept falls under a cult status. A very small number of people found the book, read it and enjoyed it. And that's great. But I think I've done what I can with old Crowell. I also think that maybe I tied my hands a bit too much because I tried very hard not to fall into the standard cliches that others do. Crowell VS Dracula, Crowell VS Frankenstein, Crowell VS the-monster-of-the-week.

I made it unique because this is what I myself wanted to read. While I admire all the various vampire works that continue to be published, they held no interest for me and so I created my own character and threw my own horror spin at him.

Going into this project, I tried to make each situation he encountered as unique and as 'never before seen or read' as I could and if I got anything out of this experience it was that. I knew that it was possible and I did it.
I gave myself a challenge and I succeeded- to a point.

And yet, despite the encouraging words from the few who wrote me... the sales aren't there. At least not enough to support the time I'm putting into it.

Yes, I know you shouldn't go into this for the cash you should go into this for the love.
And I did.
But making a couple of bucks FROM something I enjoy doing would be nice. I never, ever expected to make Stephen King level (Or even achieve what our own David McAfee has done (as an example)-- But to continue dripping blood into the keyboard with so little on the back end (based on the sales record to date) seems like a waste of energy when I can focus on something else that I think will be much better received (The fantasy book)

I have sold 75 copies since September and I'm grateful for everyone who read the books and enjoyed them (I even got a few fan letters of encouragement which were gratifying to read despite the one star review the book had).

But it needs a little bit of re-working (Yes- I have an editor) and then I'll re-release it and walk away from it. I have a fantasy I'd like to get going on and then a really cool idea for a sci-fi thriller I'm outlining.

ON a brighter note-- the rest of the books down there in my sig. have been picking up in sales. Just a few copies per month, but I'll take it. I'm going top focus a little marketing for them to boost the audience potential.

I am also going to sink a little money into someone who can format the books properly so that I can get them into Smashword's grinding machine- this way  I can expand my territory- this way maybe I can sell more copies to a larger audience.

If nothing else- this has certainly been an educational experience for me. I think I'm learning and changing as best I can with the tools at hand that I have. I have no idea where this road is going but as it's been said- sometimes the journey can be just as much fun as the destination.

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