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'Fade to black' paranormal romance?

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I'm intrigued by paranormal romance, but, given that it's a new genre for me, I don't really know where to start.

I'd welcome suggestions for paranormals of the 'fade to black' kind. I enjoy sexual tension between the MCs but would rather avoid explicit sex scenes (or, at least long, detailed and repeated sex scenes).

Would anyone be so kind as help me get my bearings?

Ah, I almost angels, please.

Thank you!

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Are you looking for cozy type romance or more urban fantasy paranormal type?  (UF has more of a mystery/thriller pacing.  Cozy may or may not have a mystery, but is...well, cozy--cute and more towards chick-lit but with paranormal.)
Either / both really, depending on mood I alternate between fast-paced and leisurely in my other genres and in crime, for instance, I enjoy both thrillers and cozies.

Keeping in mind I read a lot of mysteries, most of these will have a mystery in there somewhere.

A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde (It does have one sex scene that isn't fade to black, but the rest is tension only that I recall).

Ilona Andrews - she's pretty well-known for her paranormal thriller series (Kate Daniels) but On the Edge is more of a romance and as is typical of romances, it completes the HEA in one novel.  Each subsequent novel deals with the same world but different characters.  I loved On the Edge (I am not positive if all the scenes are fade to black.  I think they are, but there may be one that isn't) and it's probably my favorite of hers.    Clean Sweep may also qualify, but the romance is not finished after book one.

Karen Cantwell has Keep Me Ghosted which is very cozy and there are no explicit scenes.  This would be a sweet romance. 

Driving Mr. Dead by Molly Harper (and several other books by her).  I think there is generally at least one scene that isn't fade to black.

Those come to mind at the moment.  There are likely more, but I picked my under 5 list to sort. 
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Thank you, Maria! Samples downloaded. :)
It is more UF than PNR but the Alpha & Omega series by Patricia Briggs is excellent for not having detail. Plus Anna and Charles are two of my favorite characters. They just work so well together.
I LOVE that series too, but I wasn't sure it would count as romance.  It's wonderful and there is a great romance, but it's UF.  Of course, a lot of the titles I rec'd really aren't strictly romance...but just about anything by Briggs is awesome.
I like "fade to black" romances too. They're intriguing. Keep Me Ghosted sounds like fun.
A.G. Richards said:
Some interesting recommendations here. Thank you.
It definitely is more UF than PNR but like we both said, the romance in it is pretty fabulous and worth a try I think. ;)
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