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I'm currently working on a novella called Frank's Jack
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Hi ladies and gents. It certainly has not been all fun and games being stuck at home for the past year due to the pandemic. But the ongoing situation has provided me with the opportunity to get plenty of work done on the writing front. I recently finished by second book of short fiction Adult Short Stories 2: More Tales for you. I started this project in September and completed the last part of it in late March. The work is basically 10 unrelated tales in various genres. Common themes are personal struggle, strength in the face of crisis and love. Just like my previous works it is available on kindle for a relatively low price.
I am fairly new to this site and have only posted an introduction so far. Please forgive me if self-promotion isn't appropriate in this particular forum. I'm still trying to find my way around :) If you haven't encountered me before allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steven. I've worked in catering for most of my adult life and that's where I make my living. Writing is what I do whenever the mood takes me. I enjoy working on a project and making my ideas and characters come to life on the page. I write because I love to tell stories.
I'm from the UK originally but am living in the Republic of Ireland these days. Feel free to drop me a message on Twitter or Facebook if you'd like to ask me anything. All the best folks.
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