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Fast, Cheap, and Good Proofreading

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I'll tidy up your ragged edges before you hit publish. Maybe you just want new eyes after your edits. Maybe you tell a good story but don't want those two-star reviews that say, "Good story but too many typos."

*I'll catch the typos spellcheck won't, like he sad instead of he said

*I'll notice mistakes with lose/loose and breath/breathe and similar pairs (& these mistakes are very common!)

*I know whether you need I or me (or he or him, & other subject/object pairs)

*I know how to use lie, laid, lay, and even lain

*I am awesome with apostrophes

I will do erotica. Bad language is fine. I will not accept graphic violence against women & children. (Kill all the men you want, however you want!) If a woman is portrayed as a warrior, that's different. Absolutely no harm to animals.

I can cope with British or US English, because I am Canadian.

I'll do a sample for you-5 pages or so-to show you what you'll get. My estimates are like plane fares (all over the place). They're based on how much work it will be for me, and that has nothing to do with whether it's good or bad.

The maximum I'll charge is $.004 per word (=$300 for 75,000 words). It will probably be closer to $.002.

Paypal. Half up front. (If it's under 20,000 words, all up front.) I will do shorts, & I can sometimes fit these in on short notice. I have no minimum.

I have free time after 5 April.
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