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Favorite authors

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Amazon used to have a "notify me when this author publishes another book feature"  I can't find that feature now, either I'm missing it, or they have discontinued it.

In any event, especially now with all the indy authors out there, how do you all keep track of your favorite authors?  Honestly, I try to keep a note of them but the notes keep wandering off and I keep missing books I would like to read.

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Most authors have websites now where you can ask to be notified of new releases.  Also, Amazon does have send me occasionally "as someone who purchased books by this author in the past, you might be interested in..." emails.

Thanks for your reply.  I have signed on to some of the author websites and frankly, I don't care if their car broke down or if they baked brownies today.  I just want to know about the next book!!! It seems like the feature should still be available on Amazon.
Are they sending emails out about baking brownies?  :eek: I wouldn't sign up for Twitter or FB feeds; but some authors have a specific email list for new releases. 


I use this site. They send me information of next book by Authors I like and am following.
Rie142 said:

I use this site. They send me information of next book by Authors I like and am following.
It is a little spooky that I've never seen that site but when I clicked the link, they already know my name. :eek: :eek: :eek:
I think FictFact really only lists series. . . .so an author who writes a lot of stand alone books won't be shown there.

But I do really like it. . .
I don't remember whether there is anyway for it to notify you of new releases by e-mail, but allows you to search by author.

For each author, it shows all their books in series order and any new ones they have scheduled for release.
stevene9 said:

I believe this is what you want.

This looks nice. Thanks!
OK, looks really good; very easy sign-up, too.  Thanks!

Good question!

I'm still trying to find a sure fire way to keep up with them all. First thing I do is get on Facebook and hunt them down. So far each one of them is there and I "like" their fan pages and friend them. That way when new things come up I usually hear it straight from them.

Thanks to all for your wonderful ideas!! 
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