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Fearless, by Annie Jocoby
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"I love that we are seeing this series. Dalilah is from a very wealthy family. She is struggling in life even though she is extremely talented, she's lost her light since she had a horrible review from a critic. She models nude, and does some side jobs. She ends up landing a gig for Blake Nottingham, who seems strangely obsessed with her. Blake hires Luke Roberts to paint a nude painting of Dalilah. Luke and Dalilah start to get very close but Luke doesn't want to mess this up because he's a struggling artist, and he needs the money. Their feelings eventually get the better of them and they make out a few times which leads to more. Nottingham finds out about their kindling relationship and gives Dalilah a choice. A choice that will destroy Luke and her both, but she can't see another way out. Will she choose Luke or Nottingham?" -- Amazon reviewer

Beautiful heiress Dalilah Gallagher, a former child art prodigy, has lost her way. Harsh criticism in her formative years has left her floundering and without the artistic voice that once centered her life. Now, at the age of 20, she has spent the last nine years trying to reclaim what she lost.

Her struggles lead her to the nude-modeling world in New York City, where she hopes she will find her passion for art again. What she finds is surprising: Her artistic voice isn't gone, merely misplaced.

Luke Roberts has a different problem. Raised by a solid, working-class fisherman in Maine, Luke is a gifted artist struggling to get a foothold in the busy New York City art scene. His gifts attract the attention of a wealthy benefactor, Blake Nottingham, who finds himself fascinated with Dalilah. Nottingham commissions Luke to provide him with a piece of art: A painting of Dalilah.

As the two young artists fall in love, Dalilah finds her artistic voice once more, so she'll do anything to help Luke find the prominence he deserves. This leads to a dangerous game of deceit that puts Dalilah in Nottingham's clutches when she tries to manipulate him into helping Luke.

Nottingham isn't easily manipulated, though, and things go seriously awry for Dalilah. What happens when the manipulated becomes the manipulator?

Will Dalilah's lies cause her to lose the one person that means everything her?

This is a full-length, 65,000 word novel. Approximately 200 pages.

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I am currently a writer who is living in San Diego, but was raised in the Midwest, in Kansas City. I was an attorney for 11 years, then gave it all up for a man. Go figure. I hated that work, anyhow, so I didn't pursue law when I moved out to California. Hence, I based my main character, Iris, loosely on my own life.There has always been a contemporary romance writer inside me, yearning to come out. But I was always a writer only in my heart. I took some creative writing courses, and always did well, but I never pursued it as anything other than a hobby. Sometimes not even that.

My passion for writing was re-awakened, though, and now, I can't imagine doing anything with my life than to offer escapism through creating sexy and wonderful (and wonderfully flawed) characters! Ryan Gallagher, Nick O'Hara and Luke Roberts are the contemporary and sexy heroes that I always wished I could find. Who wouldn't? Writing about these sexy men gets my juices flowing, and I hope that reading about him gets yours!

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