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Easy to use - no computer, no cables, no syncing.
This sounds great, but I can't imagine how it charges without a cable . . . . .
Free book samples of the first few chapters
This is excellent. You can barely get away with this in a book store without someone breathing down your neck making this is a very nice feature.
Top Newspapers from the US and abroad as well as popular magazines and blogs.
This makes it somewhat similar to a podcast, which is very popular these days. The costs appear to be lowering for newspapers and magazines as more people subscribe which could perhaps help people get over the cost of Kindle. It is cheaper to read magazines and newspapers on your Kindle, it is way less hassle, and you get them as soon as they are released.
Uses EVDO (a high speed data network), the same system that cell phones use. This removes the need to be in a wireless hot spot. This is much better than WiFi, but I'm curious to know if Kindle is useless in areas that don't get cell phone coverage. Also, is your Kindle speed reliant on the cell phone reception in the area?
Free wireless access to Wikipedia. This is fantastic. That is all I have to say.

One thing Amazon has not really pushed yet is how much paper waste the Kindle will save. In terms of books, newspapers, and magazines, millions of trees would be saved through Kindle. With forests being destroyed daily and global warming (along with other environmental issues) more prevalent than ever - this could be a huge push for Kindle as well as engaging a new kind of audience.
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