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Since we're all Indie's here, I thought I'd see what you thought my first blog post for the Kindle INDIEpendence Day Giveaway

Have You Discovered INDIEpendence?

Ever heard of Elliott Smith?
He's an independent musician who literally made his first album at his kitchen table and released it with an independent label. Later his song Miss Misery from the Good Will Hunting soundtrack was nominated for an Oscar. (It lost to Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On). Anyway, the point is that Elliott Smith and thousands of other musicians are amazing artists. And just because they are not signed with one of the Big Four record labels (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI) doesn't detract from that. I think the same can be said about independent authors. Just because an author isn't signed with one of the Big Six (Hatchette Group, Penguin Group, Macmillan, HarperCollins, Random House, and Simon &Schuster) doesn't mean they are not a talented writer. So why is there a stigma associated with an author going it alone and releasing their work independently? I think it's because some people are just unaware of the talent that is out there. I mean, if you only listen to pop stations, you may only be familiar with music from the Big Four record labels. How do people find out about great music that is not mainstream? Well, word of mouth and some awesome ground breaking radio stations. With books, authors also have to rely on word of mouth as well as awesome ground breaking blogs like Tiger's All-consuming Books!
As eReaders become more and more popular, people are slowly finding out about Independent authors. With low prices for awesome independent books, people are able to sample and discover new books kind of like people are able to sample and discover new songs with iTunes. One area that is still struggling in growth is the Middle Grade and Young Adult market. Many teens and tweens just don't have eReaders yet. So to help spread the word about Indie MG and YA authors, I've come up with a fun little contest called Kindle INDIEpendence Day. It's an opportunity for parents who love their kindles to win one for their child. (But even if you don't have a kid, go ahead and win one for yourself!) In the process, they can also learn about the latest and greatest MG and YA books.
Be sure to visit in order to register. You can also earn extra entries by posting blogs, sending tweets, or liking our facebook page. Our blog will have daily updates where you can read interviews and book excerpts from the featured authors.
So if you haven't already, go ahead and discover your INDIEpendence!
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