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I'm wondering, I've been in the eBay business world before (with a legit retail tax-paying business), but I'm having this feeling like it's the eBay craze all over again with the explosion of digital publishing.

For example, a decade ago even when eBooks started to appear on eBay, people were making a lot of money, most of the books were compiled into a set and resold so that other wannabe sellers can resell the same item...soon the market became so saturated with eBooks that most of them were about how to make money and trying to get rich etc...eventually that kind of business just wouldn't work at all (I see so many about how to make money with Kindle etc, feels like a repeat).

At the same time, doing business with eBay became a joke as fees started to increase and they started opening up the markets to China bringing down ALOT of businesses.

I feel like this is eBay all over least form my person experience. Like how many self-published writers are rushing in, mostly for quick cash or that fake/purchased Reviews are on a rise or that Amazon is changing the rules of the Free eBook game that makes me wonder if this will affect the newbies who really want to share with the world...does anyone have this feeling at all?

Point this just a craze and those indies that made it in the last few years are going forward while the rest of us are going to be left behind?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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