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Ace is on the run from everyone! He's running from a busted Witness Protection Program assignment, an international collection of gangsters and arms-merchants he p*ssed off working undercover, and worst of all-from his own scarred self-image and the nightmares that haunt him.

After two lonely years on the road he risks a short visit with his old friend, Granville Tubbs, who lives in the sleepy small town of Ferris' Bluff, Arkansas. He hasn't even had a tingle that anyone has been on his trail for almost a year. What could go wrong in a few days?

Plenty, it turns out. But some things go right, too…shotgun ambushes aside.

The ultimate loner, Ace is soon brought under the spell of the quirky small town and its residents. Some are funny down-home characters you just want to hug. Some are crafty and mean as junk-yard dogs.

I don't want to spoil any of the story for you, so all I can do is ask is that you read the samples available and if you like them, cough up a whopping 99 cents (on sale for a short time so don't dawdle too long!) for your Kindle copy of Ferris' Bluff.

Oh, and check out both the Kindle US and UK reviews! I'm honored and humbled with what folks are saying.

Just to get you started, here's a taste of the opening chapter:

Chapter One

The roller coaster ride through the heart of the Ouachita Mountains on the two-lane twisty goshdarm no-shoulder snake of a road was scenic as all hell-but it had been a brutal frightening thing.
Regiments of towering deep-green pines slashed through with scarred gray-white granite wounds and mystical fog shrouded mountainsides demanded his attention. Dark shadowed valley views beckoned. The vista was like a siren's song-beautiful and haunting, a soul-soothing panorama, primordial…and d*mn near deadly.
He barely survived the life-or-death battle between the lure of the bewitching scenery and the sudden switchbacks and cliff-side curves. A shaggy big-eared deer played chicken with him. That was exciting-in an adrenaline spiked, holy-sh**, gravel slinging kind of way. A mommy hauling *ss in a mini-van full of kids, hell-bent for somewhere, wasn't scared a bit by the cliffs or the deer or anything, it seemed. She laid on the horn, yelling at him to pull over and get the hell out of the way.
Where? Off the d*mn mountain side?
And then, as if God flipped the scenery switch, the land and his heart rate leveled out. The mini-van mommy gave him the finger when she sped past.

Ferris' Bluff, a suspense filled thriller with a July-hot romance tucked inside!

Thanks for taking a look

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