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The fourth book in the Mary O'Reilly series in was released late Saturday night:

Stanley peered up into the shadows above the stage. There was a colorful blaze of fabric amidst the burgundy curtains and canvas backdrops. He moved closer, trying to get a better view from a different angle.
"Hey, what's this play about anyway?" Stanley asked. "Is it a Western?"
"No, it's a drama," Rosie replied.
"How come you need a dummy hanging from a rope?"
She looked over quickly. "No one gets hanged in the play."
"Sure looks like it. Up there."

It's already received two five-star reviews.
I hope you enjoy it!!!

Rosie looked up to where he directed and saw the caftan and silk pants ruffling in the slight breeze of the theater twenty feet over the stage.
"Oh, sweet heavens! Stanley," she screamed. "That's Faye!"
Faye McMullen was murdered in cold blood at Winneshiek Theater and Mary O'Reilly and Police Chief Bradley Alden have to discover who done it before the murderer gets the chance to get rid of the prime witness... Mary O'Reilly.
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