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"Final Passage" - transatlantic action adventure

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If you like sea stories, mysteries and action in exotic locations, do check out my nautical thriller "Final Passage." Ten four- and five-star Kindle reviews (and nothing lower!)

"When Martin Lancaster was eighteen, his father was mysteriously lost at sea during a yacht race. Years later Martin discovers long-lost logbooks in his mother's attic and vows to find out the truth. But he meets implacable resistance from family, business colleagues and officials, who seem prepared to stop at nothing to prevent him discovering what really happened all those years ago."

Thank you!
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If you enjoy nautical adventures, do take a look at my two popular full-length novels "Final Passage" and "The Abigail Affair', available now.

Coming soon: "The Shoot". Kate Robinson, twenty-two and happily single, lands a dream assignment: Production Assistant for a film shoot on the exotic hideaway of St Saviour’s in the Caribbean. With her eye for detail and flair for organising everyone, Kate’s in her element. But the beautiful star of the shoot, Jasmine, takes an instant dislike to her, dark forces are at work on the island, and a storm is brewing in the Atlantic. Kate quickly discovers that filming a TV commercial in the Tropics can actually be murder ...

"The Shoot" should be out by mid October.

Thank you, Tim
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