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Fire and Dust (The Fire Trilogy Book 2), by Christopher Datta
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"This is a gripping story, beautifully told. Set at a moment when the Confederacy, despite Gettysburg and Vicksburg, was not yet finally defeated but instead still had a chance to inflict major strategic damage on the Union, Datta's narrative, regarded from a Southern viewpoint, depicts how that chance was lost. Datta's characters in the Army of Tennessee wrestle with their consciences and their own demoralizing realization that the war, which will still go on for another year and a half, is already probably lost. Relying on archival material, Datta reconstructs the futile struggle of senior commanders, at this perilous moment, against the incompetence and willfulness of the Army's chief, while his subtly complex characterizations of ordinary soldiers -- simple and uneducated men who nevertheless show both tactical sense and insight into the nature of what they are continually asked to do -- is masterful." -- Amazon reviewer
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Book II of the Fire Trilogy

In the fall of 1863, there is still a chance to prevent a Union victory in the Civil War.
Robert E. Lee's most trusted senior commander, General James Longstreet, takes two Virginia divisions west to unite with General Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee. Longstreet arrives just in time to join in the Confederate attack on the Union army at the battle of Chickamauga.

As the fate of the Confederacy is decided, this epic saga plays out against the backdrop of the love stories of Mexican war veteran Sergeant Sam Davis and the recently widowed Sally O'Grady, and of the young, poor and naive private Harry Kolb and Rachel Shaw, the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner. Their tales bring to vivid life the forgotten watershed moments of September, October and November of 1863, a period that more than any other determined the outcome of the war.

Fire and Dust narrates the history of the Civil War as it really was, and makes you a front row witness as the destiny of the Confederacy unfolds.

If you thought you knew the Civil War, think again. In Fire and Dust, Christopher Datta takes you beyond the clatter and gore of the battlefield to reveal the very hearts and minds of the Confederacy. His characters will haunt you like a rebel yell, sounding down through the years to touch you with their sacrifices, their struggles, and-most of all-their humanity.
-Karen Lyon, Hill Rag Magazine

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