Today's Free App of the Day is PolyClock World Clock
Originally $2.99

This is an attractive world time clock that shows you what the time differences in various cities around the world. It was previously the Free App of the Day on April 1, 2012.

You can either go with the pre-installed cities, or add your own by tapping on the "plus" sign along the top of the screen. It shows the time in the cities on the left in landscape or at the top in portrait mode. Daylight hours are shown in blue for the cities--on the clockface in landscape on the horizontal band for the city in portrait--which is very attractive. I prefer that to the clockface. You also get a map or globe with your current time zone marked on it and a shadow showing where night and day is around the world. You can spin the globe or drag the map to see areas not shown. Switch between the map and globe by tapping on "map" or "globe" in the band that separates the cities listing from the map area. You can set alarms.

The permissions that the app requires are well explained, and some features can be turned off so as to not allow fine location access if there is a concern there. If you travel a lot or have to call people a lot in other time zones, this is a pretty useful app.

220 of 272 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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