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Fire Max

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Any word or opinions on the Fire Max that was announced for preorder today
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Hadn't seen it 'til you mentioned it -- hadn't been on Amazon yet today. It looks fine. If you need a new tablet. Don't see much that's an improvement over previous models. And, frankly, I've had several Fire tablets and have not been particularly excited about any of them. The one I have is the HD 10, I think. But, honestly, I use it so rarely that it's usually got a dead battery every time I think to use it. So not really much good for me.

O'course, I don't much use a tablet anyway. I have an older Samsung tablet that still works fine. Mostly it lives next to my TV watching spot as an easy device to look things up on IMDB when watching old movies: "hey! who is that guy? what was he in?" :D It has my various email addresses set up, but I don't really use it for that. I do occasionally take it as my only 'computer' if I'm going on a really short trip .... but anything more than a few days and I'll just take my laptop.
Looks intriguing!!! Im always on the lookout for new Amazon devices but I may pass on this one as I have the Fire HD 10 from a couple years ago and it never gets used... im more into kindle for reading and oled for movie watching so the LCD screen on the Fire Max might be a problem for me. But, on the other hand, that new 1200p display does sound pretty good... we'll have to see. It looks to me like a good alternative to the Pixel Tablet that got announced recently but at half the price...

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts