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First Free Promo - Freebooksy and Bknights

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Hi guys!
I am doing my first free "promoted promotion" today - with Freebooksy and Bknights. I'm at 2558 downloads, and this the link - (I have no idea how to attach the screenshot - I'm pretty sure I did it before... hmm) - my rating is #70 among free books on Amazon. Since it's my first time riding the free wave, I wanted to ask you - is that a good result? And, most importantly - what will happen after midnight? Cinderella will lose her pretty dress and come back to a few (maybe!) sales a day? :) ;D
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I've done freebooksy twice now. The first time netted me 4500 downloads, my second promo run only 1200ish. So I think you're numbers are okay. It may depend on genre, too. As for follow up sales---that's a total luck thing. And Luck, she doesn't much like me.  ;D

But I hope you get a good number of follow up sales/reviews etc.
Thanks for mentioning Freebooksky, I'd never heard of them before. I did a promo for my new short, Sharpshooter which had zero results. BKnights gave me a refund and I tried again, still no results so I was given a third refund and tried with my Kindle select title which had nearly 600 downloads when I first launched it, still nothing.
I really don't know what is happening lately with sales, I'm tempted to try a different cover for my new short or change the blurb but I can't afford to pay for another cover so what do other authors do?
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