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I did an update today too Tobias!,209959.0.html

Maybe we should start a Going Wide thread . . . :) I know it's not as easy to get information about that transition. I don't go free, and I did have a two books release this past month, so of course my overall earnings exploded. But the best thing for me was December 2014, my last month for all books in Borrows, I made $510. This past month, a 28 day month, I made $383 on the other vendors, so it IS catching up.

But my borrows were always only about 1/3 of my sales, I never caught on really with KU readers.

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I was just reading yours. It's far more comprehensive than mine, but I only have the figures in front of me for one month, I will be interested to see the difference in another three months. I'm convinced it's the right decision, and it looks okay from your side too. I can't compare to last year because the figures were off the charts compared to this year. So, I'm going from scratch since Jan 1 to see if I can improve each month's sales.

The idea of a going wide thread is brilliant. It would help a lot of people see their way through the Amazon jungle. :p
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