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In February, I sold 19 copies (2 books out), but easily half of those were Kindle gifts I sent to people asking for reviews (I got none).

In March, I sold 46 copies (2 books out), but again half of those were in the beginning of the month when I was still Kindle gifting (no reviews).

In April, I sold 4 copies (2 books out).

In May, I sold 61 copies (3 books out), but 50 of those came from a spike caused by my KND appearance on May 12-13. After that, that particular book sold 0 copies the rest of the month.

Despite the fact that I have a website, a Facebook author page, have done numerous interviews, and I leave comments on a lot of blogs, I don't think I'm really doing this right. I can't seem to grab any sustainable numbers like a lot of those posting on this thread.
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