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SJWrightAuthor said:
My first book, The Vampire's Warden, sold about 540 copies between B&N's Pub-It and Amazon in its first full month (March).
The second full month (April) was HUGE with over 5,000 sold between the two platforms. Things slowed down a lot in May.
I've done two blog tours, two spots on Kindle Nation Daily and a few other advertising avenues.

I highly recommend doing a couple of blog tours. There are some great coordinators out there who can help. If you're going to do
a tour for a paranormal book, I recommend Bookish Snob. As for the biggest exposure, I had short-term bumps from using Kindle
Nation Daily.

I'm still trying to find something that will get me up into the top 100 in my category and keep it up there.
Hopefully the second book in the series will help with that. It should be released this month.
Wow, that's awesome!
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