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First "Professional" cover!

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My first two books I had a good friend create the covers, dutifully following my often precise instructions to fulfill my vision. lol.  I really love what he did for ACBW, but it works better on paperback as the smaller details and font are difficult to see online (where, I realized too late, that most people will only ever see your book at that tiny size!).

So I worked with Nicole from Cover Shot Creations on my latest one, "Dustland".  Whatcha'll think?  I really enjoyed working worth her, and recommend her services to anyone who likes her style.  8)
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Nice! Tells us upfront about the genre and "mood" of the book. The rifle under the title is a great touch.
Thank you!  The design process is always fun with book covers.  Nicole had a few questions she asked of the two main characters (and got two women who look very much like the sisters I described), the story, and the general feel I was looking for.  What she came up with isn't much different than this final cover, so she's very good.  And the gun was her own idea that I also agree is a great touch.  My biggest request was just with the font title and placement of author name after her first draft came to me.

Makes me want to write more books just to get more covers! lol
Thank you so much, Tim. You couldn't have made my job any easier. I love it when an author gives advance notices and excellent descriptions for me to work with. This cover was so much fun, and I absolutely can not wait for this story to come out!
"The Case For A New America" is by far your best and most professional looking cover. Could have come from a major publishing house. I say that even though I am probably 180 degrees in the opposite direction from you politically.

Yes it pixelates a little when small, but a lot of covers do that on Amazon, even from the big publishers. Seems more of Amazon's problem than anything else. Doesn't necessarily take awake from sales either. Look at Roosh V's stuff. The guy is constantly in the top thousands in Kindle sales and his covers look like they were made by a 6-year-old on MS Paint.
Thanks all!  My friend did the flag cover as well.  Its also been my most succesful book so far, but I published it in 2010 and was able to get in right when KDP Select started (which did wonders for its sales at the time!)
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