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My sales this month have dived after an encouraging first month in June.

However, reviews have started to come through for Changers' Summer, the following one from cheered me up. Its an encouragement to keep working on books 2 and 3:

"I really enjoyed this book! If you are used to reading Dystopian fiction like the "Hunger Games" this may seem a little young and tame, but it is geared for a younger audience, so that's very appropriate. The characters are likeable and real. Tom and Alison (and Beth, Tom's talking dog)are just normal kids and a dog (well, except for the fact that this dog talks). The world they live in, the world "changed" beyond recognition by the
"Changers" is all they've ever known. It's a difficult world, but rather than see it get even worse they are willing to face incredible challenges. They're just kids and they're scared, but they show courage, compassion, fortitude and moral strength in trying to save their world. I plan to purchase the rest of the trilogy so I can see what happens to them all!
I received a free copy of this book in order to review it."

This is from a Librarything give away.


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