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Hi all

As part of my own idle experimenting, my slightly edgy (if not downright brutal) novella 'Flies for the Mayans'
can be grabbed for free at Smashwords ( )

Use the coupon at checkout. I've been trying to make it free on Amazon, but they don't seem willing to play with me :)

A story from Hell, set in Heaven.

God's having a bad day. Once upon a time, He made the mistake of dividing Heaven into realms and provinces, overseen by deities jostling for territory and profits. Everything is sliding out of control.

The one-time Creator of the Universe is estranged from his son, riddled with guilt, and fighting battles on multiple fronts. His few remaining rules are being bypassed, His angels are turning up dead.

Unless He can find out who is gunning for Him, the unthinkable might occur. Its time for desperate measures.

'Flies for the Mayans' is a violent black comedy of post-Biblical proportions. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride into unexpected territory.
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