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Currently I have a marware cover for my PW and have had this cover for over a year.  I like it except for one thing.  On most tables the cover tends to slide open even though there is a rough bottom which supposedly prevents slippage.  I have a workaround for this.   I affixed a velcro circle on both the insides of the covers and have a velcro strip that I stick to the velcro thereby preventing slippage.  It works but it not very elegant.  I am just wondering whether there is a flip cover for the PW that has a strip attached to the covers so that I would not have to use velcro.  My wife has a very nice cover for her k3 that has this (JAVOedge).   I don't think they make a cover for the PW.  Any suggestions?


ps - Just did a search for JAVOedge and find they have flip cases for the PW.  However, I would prefer a plain case other than a flowery one.  I didn't see any plain cases on their website.
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