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Susan in VA said:
OK, not that I think anybody really cares what skin I pick (and if you do, you need to get out more), but I'm doing this for the practice of figuring out how to do image links. And if anybody wants to weigh in and tell me that any of these doesn't really look good on the K2, feel free.

These are the nine I like (at least at this moment). Three that were already deleted are Plum Royal (too dark) and Red Plaid (I like the pattern, but it's not symmetric and that would bug me) and the Tie-dye (too much of a good thing -- if only they had a one-color tie-dye, like maybe purple/white, or blue/white).

I wish they made the Pink Tranquility in turquoise, that would be my pick!
I did the same thing when I first tried to post an image.
For this image

you posted
but instead of the url of the page that has the picture you need the url of just the picture. To get this right click the picture and select Properties from the pop-up menu. Now copy the address URL from the properties window and paste that between the image tags.

so you end up with this
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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