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I've had my K2 for what about 6 weeks now? I'm on my 3rd skin! I got one, then found another one that I just HAD to have, and then just HAD to have them customize one for me. I actually have a 4th one, but I only use that one on the back (it's the Six Pack one ;D ) I have no plans on changing it any time soon. I do still have the other 2. I was very patient when I took them off. If thye stretch to much, just use a hair dryer on it and it will go back to the right size. I don't really recommend switching them out every other day, and you probably will only get a couple of uses out of one if you do.

We've had them on our cell phones, ipods, Kindles, and laptops for more than a year and I've never had issues with any of them peeling on the edges. If we change them out, it's just because we're tired of the old one.
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