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I did use endnotes in my fiction, as I have some French words and phrases to give it a French flavor.  I just changed and got rid of the endnotes because in the samples the number next to each word that has an endnote is so big it makes it look like every once in awhile I double-spaced and that I didn't format right. It didn't look bad on the actuals kindles, but I didn't want people reading the samples to think the book was a mess.

Anyway, IF you want endnotes and are using Word, just convert footnotes to endnotes. It does work well, as the people can simply click on them, go to the endnote and click right back again.

Now that I got rid of the endnotes I simply have the words and phrases in italics and right at the beginning of my book, on the starting page at the top I have a link to the glossary. It says "NOTE: Glossary for all italicized words". They can either look through it right away or go to "beginning" and click on it to read.

The sample now looks appealing.

This isn't a perfect set-up, but I have had no complaints. I didn't have complaints the other way, either, but felt some people might pass up buying the book with it looking funky.

Of course, for the paperback I have footnotes.

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