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I only recently discovered him, thanks to those free sample downloads from Amazon! I picked up a sample of "The English Assassin" and it was so good I bought the book and just flew through it. Silva is definitely a cut above the usual spy writer -- a lot like John Le Carre.

Anyway, I liked the book so much that I looked up his web site, and realized that I'd read the SECOND book in a series of eight (the "Gabriel Allon" series, of which the latest is the best-selling "Moscow Rules." The first book in the series is not available for Kindle -- how many times have we seen that? But I decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and I wrote a nice email to Mr. Silva and told him how much I love his books, and asked him to please work with his publisher to get the rest of his books into Kindle format. And I got a response from a fellow who works for Mr. Silva, saying, in part:

"As for Kindle, we have authorized all the books to be in Kindle format and have been told they should be available very soon."

So I'm thrilled -- not only because I should soon be able to read "The Kill Artist" on my Kindle, but also just because, heck, it's nice to get a response from a guy who works for the big guy himself.
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