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Want an iPhone? Don't want to extend your contract? Not eligible to upgrade yet? Want to attempt to unlock to use on another carrier -- Not that I'm recommending you do that...I'm jus' sayin...(I know it can be done with a bit of research). Want to let your kids tear one down for a science project? ..Ok, maybe not...

I've decided to sell my iPhone to fund my upgrade. It was purchased as a refurbished unit in March from AT&T. After a few days, the microphone went out. I took it into the apple store and was handed a brand new, non-refurbished unit. Works perfectly. The warranty on the phone is good through November 30, 2009 and the applecare warranty can be purchased to extend it for an additional year.

It has been kept skinned and in a case for the most part, however there are a few scratches around the silver bezel area.

Apple's current pricing for this phone (New) is

$149 - for new and qualified customers w/ 2 year contract
$349 - for early upgrade customers w/ 2 year contract
$549 - No commitment price

I would like $349 or Best Offer. You'll either save yourself $200 or a 2 year contract.

It would be unlike me to sell something without accessories, so here ya go: It's currently skinned with Her Abstraction (yes, pink, I know...) I also have an Aloha Black skin to include that hasn't been used. I also have a red and clear iFrogz hard case to send along with it. (clear top, red bottom)

I believe I also have the original earbuds with microphone that came with it.

The only thing I ask is for payment now and I will ship via priority mail w/ delivery confirmation on June 19th. I will even upgrade the phone to the new 3.0 OS for you when it's released on the 17th.

Please PM me or email me at [email protected]

Payment via Paypal.. thanks for looking.
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