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In converting our guest bedroom into a "studio" for me, my husband and I had to clean out the closet, which, of course, yielded all sorts of hidden treasures. =) One of these is a limited edition kiwi green bandana-print Vera Bradley bag, never used, that makes a lovely "sleeve" for a naked Kindle.

Check it out:

Kindle not included. ;)

The second picture shows the Kindle pushed all the way down to the bottom of the bag. A little bit of the Kindle is still visible above the bag's edge, but, in the third photo, you can see that the bag does close all the way with the Kindle inside it. I haven't tested this with a Kindle 2, however; I own a first-generation Kindle.

Dimensions-wise, the bag measures 9" by 5.5" by 2.5", and the shoulder strap has a 9" drop. There's one zippered pocket on the inside, and the bag closes by means of a magnetic snap. It's the perfect purse for when you're traveling light, whether that means toting your naked Kindle to the coffee shop or tossing in your wallet, your keys, and your cell phone for a night on the town.

Here are some more photos -- I pretty much gave up on keeping the greens consistent from image to image, but these give you a good idea of what the bag looks like. It's in great condition -- still has the tags on it and everything -- and being photographed is probably the most it's ever been handled!

It's so cute (it has a delightfully fresh, spring-y or summery look to it), but I have a Borsa Bella bag on the way and limited space in my condo for purses and other accessories. So... I'm putting my adorable Vera bag up for adoption in the hopes of finding someone who will give it a more deserving home.

I believe this bag cost somewhere in the neighborhood of forty-five dollars when it was new, but it's several years old now, and, even though it's in wonderful unused condition, I don't want to ask more than twenty-five or thirty bucks for it. I'm thinking twenty-seven dollars would be good. I like to ship Priority Mail within the US, which should cost around $5.60 for an item this size, I think, bringing the grand total to $32.60. I prefer PayPal, but I'll also accept a check or money order as long as you don't mind wanting for it to clear.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me! :)
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