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I've spent the past week devouring the following four books by Dave Conifer:

Throwback: Amateur wrestler Ben Petrovic moves to a new school. Whether you like amateur wrestling or not (I've never watched it), this is a great read about high school life. There's a major revelation after the sample that I didn't see coming. Just stay away from the plot description on, which gives it away.

eBully: A young boy locked away in a juvenile detention facility is hired by the vice principal of a middle school to go undercover and sniff out the identity of an internet bully on campus. This is actually a very realistic story, seemingly based in part on a real-life incident that took place on MySpace. Even though children are the primary characters, I'd be hesitant to call this a kids' book. It's fairly dark and adult in nature. It's my favorite of Conifer's four novels.

Man of Steel: Two journalists - Joe Jonas and Abby Reno - are assigned to cover yet another crackpot conspiracy theorist with his own idea about the JFK assassination plot. However, there may be more than meets the eye this time. Now Jonas and Reno have to find the truth - against the wishes of their editors and other people who are trying to kill them to keep decades-old secrets dead and buried. This would probably fall under the umbrella of historical fiction. The author does an excellent job of explaining the major real-life players of the JFK scandal to readers who may not be intimately familiar with the intricate details (*raises hand*), while weaving a compelling tale of fiction around what actually happened.

FireHouse: Set in the same high school featured in Conifer's earlier novel, Throwback, this isn't exactly a sequel - but it does once again feature the sport of amateur wrestling. However, complicating things for this particular protagonist - Zach Bowie - is his involvement in a band. The demands of both, and their differing worlds, soon become too much for him to handle. Will he have to choose between his two loves?

Some caveats: The cover art above obviously isn't going to impress anyone (does that even matter for an e-book?), there are a few typos in each book (major releases have the same problem though), and the formatting isn't always optimal (but it's still very readable on the Kindle).

Still, I highly recommend all four books. They're great reads and I'm genuinely sad that I have no more work from this author to enjoy. I really hope he's working on something new.

The best part: They're only 80 cents each. You really can't go wrong at that price. Give this unsung author a chance. You won't regret it. I certainly don't.
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