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My collection, Four Stories, is available for 99 cents. Four Stories is a compilation of four previously published stories that includes:

The Downstream Crossing (13,000 words):
A young man meets a woman on the internet, and they go on a paddleboat cruise. They're both cheating, but for different reasons. The man jumps from the boat to save little girl, and ends up on a long, strange downriver odyssey on the Wisconsin side. Here, he meets a reclusive hermit, an addict on a field trip, and an obsessive Packer fan. It's strange, but worth the journey.

Silver Elvis (6,000 words)
Bob Dylan visits Andy Warhol's factory in the mid sixties. A battle of egos hangs balanced on, of all things, a painting of Elvis and a polaroid camera.

First Avenue (6,000 words)
Beige is approaching thirty, balding, lonely, and insecure. What better antidote than a night at the club, a mystery woman, and an appropriate ending?

There's also a piece of flash fiction on the end.

Here's the link: Four Stories


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