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Free 252 Page Thriller Examines Greed in High School

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Work is progressing on the screen adaptation of "Advantage Disadvantage" into a screenplay by a well connected Hollywood scrennwriter. I am very excited to think that my murder-mystery novel depicting greedy adults exploiting a high school basketball player could hit the big screen. It's a little bit early (the screenplay is about 75% completed), but the project lurches forward every week.

The film will follow the book's storylines with a little different sequence and emphasis. Also, the screenplay, and ultimately the book, will be renamed - more on that later. For now, check it out on Kindle, Smashwords, IPAD, etc for 99 cents!

Can't wait to tell you who has been cast in the main roles!!

Advantage Disadvantage was published in August, 2008. It is the fictional story of the greed, corruption and betrayal of the adults who surround a high school basketball prodigy. Many of the novel's characters are driven by their own selfish goals and desires; you will find the dark underside of high school sports, as well as the contrast between what is right and wholesome, and what turns ugly.

A neighborhood gambler tries to fix the betting on a high school game and in the process the he infects many with his lack of morality. This risky game is sometimes deadly - you'll identify with the good guys, and hope that those evil will find their way. You will also get an insider's view written from a referee's point of view, told in a who-dun-it style.

Yale R. Jaffe
author, Advantage Disadvantage
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Thank you for posting.  I klicked your book and had it sent to my mom's K2. 
I posted this in your intro page. I'll also do it here. This is the link to the Kindle book. Looks very interesting.

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Here's an article from the Chicago Tribune about me and my book.

Yale R Jaffe
author, Advantage Disadvantage
I figure for 99 cents, why not? I bought it and sent it to my son's Kindle. He's the sports fanatic in the family, thought he might enjoy this.

Thanks for joining KindleBoards!

Leslie, thanks and I hope he likes it - BTW, I corruption, greed, gambling, murder, marriage betrayal - how old is your son?  I think high school age and above can handle this.
rndballref said:
Leslie, thanks and I hope he likes it - BTW, I corruption, greed, gambling, murder, marriage betrayal - how old is your son? I think high school age and above can handle this.
He's a junior in college and will be 21 in a few weeks.

Leslie, I hope he enjoys Advantage Disadvantage.  Perhaps he can render some feedback when he is done?

Thanks for your purchases yesterday.  Advantage Disadvantage was pushed to #1 Kindle book in the Fiction / Sports category!
Hi Yale,
Thanks for recommending the kindle boards. Cool place!

Hey, all you sports fans and non fans. - Pick up Advantage Disadvantage - you'll be gald you did.

Michael Balkind
Author of The Deadly Sports Mysteries - Sudden Death & Dead Ball

Good to see you here. Thanks for posting your book.

Ed Patterson
Yale -

I can't wait to read your book!!!

I listen to ESPN all the time!!!! I love sports and this sounds like a fascinating look at an aspect of it that I don't know anything about!!!

And this is a great deal!!!!

I've read Advantage Disadvantage and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's quite an eye opener to see how the greedy adults exploit the kids who play sports.
I am mid way thru this book. I don't want to put it down something called work is interfering with my reading.  :D :D
LadyKnight, thanks for your kind words at the halfway mark ... but the best is yet to come!

Just bought this, couldn't resist at that price.

Did you get much of a reaction from the newspaper article you posted?

Really gives some good info on you, your qualifications and your motivation for writing this.

Good for you!!!

Wendy, i've had a really positive reaction to the Tribune article...including a handful of creatures from my elementary school past!

Yale :)
Great book at a great price!
Michael  :)
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