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Dante Falconieri lives in the shadows, a man tasked with the dirtiest job in the police.

Trapping fellow cops on the take from crime lords.

Dante is the guardian who guards the guardians.

But who guards Dante?

Over the years he has grown cynical and disillusioned.

His careers has stalled, and he desperately want to get back to the narcotics stings that made him the best undercover man of the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

After years of busting fellow cops, he trusts nobody. His colleagues, his bosses, and their bosses in City Hall.

Everyone is corrupted.

Except Dante.

Until now.

His trophy girlfriend is demanding far more than he can afford on a cop's pay.

Is his devotion to justice about to crack? Can the guardian of the guardians be
temped to cross the line...and join forces with the men he has spent his life trying to put behind bars?

'Blue Heat' is a hard-as-nails thriller written with the insider knowledge of an author who spent 17 years in the NYPD. It is brilliantly authentic and breathlessly exciting - a must read for fans of James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Vince Flynn.

'A exciting, full-throttle thriller. I loved it' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of 'Trade-Off'.

John Bray is a 17-year NYPD veteran, who retired as a lieutenant attorney prosecutor and took early retirement to become a crime lawyer before becoming a full-time author.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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