Sleeper Protocol, by Kevin Ikenberry. (Still 0.99?)

"Sleeper Protocol is a gripping adventure that pits the best and worst of humanity against the best and worst of technology in a bleak future-Earth that's all-too-plausible. The taut pacing and deft storytelling make this a real page-turner, while the multi-layered characters and emotional resonance of the journey make it a story you want to read again and again. Technologically thrilling and heart-wrenchingly human, Sleeper Protocol is a first-rate addition to the genre." -- - Chris Mandeville, bestselling author of Seeds: a post-apocalyptic adventure

"... an emotionally powerful debut ..." ~ Publishers Weekly

Kieran Roark awakens in a wheelchair, unable to remember anything. As part of a classified experiment, he will have one year to learn his identity and recover his memory, or he will be euthanized by the state.

Scientist Berkeley Bennett has one mission: manipulate Kieran's emotions in an attempt to bring back his memory. But when she falls in love with him, she is forced to make a harrowing decision that may cost Kieran his life.

What Kieran knows could save Earth from a coming war. Whether he believes the future is worth saving is another matter. Racing across an unfamiliar world in a body he does not recall, Kieran needs to discover who he was and, more importantly, who he is.

305 pages, with a 3.6-star rating from 22 reviews.

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Burned by the Soul (Struck from the Heavens Book 1), by William Stadler. (Still free?)

"Something new with a great storyline. Great plot twist and flow of direction changes with believable characters. Really looking forward to see where the next book goes." -- Amazon Reviewer

Two opposing crime organizations have torn Ovenal apart. Intending to finally crush the western cities, the Imprecator sends the mainland's most vicious assassins, Desenius and Soltar, to strike the small western town of Saluma.

For years, these two trained killers have brutally decimated dozens of cities. However, at Saluma, Desenius is shot through the chest by a crossbow quarrel, slain by his long-time comrade and co-assassin, Soltar, in front of the entire city.

Why now? Why after all these years did Soltar decide to turn on him? Just as the world goes dark, Desenius can think of nothing else but how to repay his old friend and get his revenge.

Fate, as it seems, must also have revenge in mind, as Desenius awakens on a burning pyre completely unscathed. New flesh has appeared where burns used to be, and there is an intense grinding in his gut--a sensation that he's never felt before until after his resurrection. Unsure of what has happened to him, Desenius must discover who he is if he ever wants to hunt down and put his killer and betrayer to rest.

380 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 12 reviews.

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Dragon Thief, by Marc Secchia. (Still free?)

"A thief with a hidden and shadowy nature falls in love with a tortured and passionate Shapeshifting Dragoness. And together they discover hidden talents and forgotten powers. In addition to saving the Island world from despotic tyrants, they also forge new relationships with familiar characters like Aranya, Hualiama and Pip. All of them are connected, and it is this book that draws them in and brings the whole tapestry together to a brilliant climax." -- Amazon Reviewer

Kal was not a thief. He certainly did not intend to steal any dragon's treasure.

He was an adventurer. Avid art collector. Incurable wealth adjuster and risk-taker. Kal had legendary expertise in the security arrangements of palaces and noble houses the world over. He hankered for remote, craggy mountaintops and the dragon hoards he might find hidden beneath them. Besides, what harm was there in looking? Dragon gold was so … shiny.

Most especially, he was not planning for any treasure to steal him.

That was a little awkward, to say the least.

Author's Note
Dragon Thief is a standalone novel set in an unforgettable world of powerful, majestic dragons, and follows the timeline of the bestselling dragon books Dragonfriend, The Pygmy Dragon and Aranya. Prepare to wing away to a world of deep dragon lore, magical landscapes and fiery adventure.

Content Advisory
YA and above. Recommended 16+ for some non-graphic adult banter and situations, mild and infrequent nudity. Reads at an 'older' level than Aranya or The Pygmy Dragon but is still a clean read in keeping with all of my books. Moderate battle violence.

499 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 42 reviews.

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The Dead and the Missing: An Adam Park Thriller, by A. D. Davies. (Still free?)

"I enjoy private investigator tales since I am a private investigator of twenty-three years. This is an epic covering England, France, and Vietnam, of all places. The Dead and the Missing is an intense read with some of the best action scenes I have ever read. Buy it. You will enjoy the adventure. For me, the Vietnam action was breathtaking." -- Amazon Reviewer

A missing girl. An international underworld. A PI who will not quit.
Adam Park is an ex-private investigator, now too wealthy to need a job. But when his old mentor's niece rips off a local criminal on the rise and flees the UK, his life of surfing and travel comes to an abrupt end.
Using cutting-edge technology, Adam tracks the young woman and her violent boyfriend through the Parisian underground where he learns of a brutal criminal enterprise - an enterprise that propels Adam to more dangerously-exotic locales, and the men in charge start to notice him.
To return the girl safely and protect the ones he loves, Adam will need to burn down his concepts of right and wrong; the only path to survival is through the darkest recesses of his soul.
˃˃˃ Pick up your copy of this international thriller today!

422 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 19 reviews.

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