The Undertaker: Pete and Sandy Suspense Thriller 1, by William F. Brown. (Still 0.99?)

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"This story was delicious! Snarky and wired, cynical and funny, it was everything a good mob thriller should be and more. I was sucked in as a reader and wasn't released until the story was over." -- Amazon reviewer

Pete Talbott is a harried Boston computer wonk still grieving over the death of his wife when he finds himself at the wrong end of Gino Parini's .45 reading his own obituary, torn from the morning newspaper. Talbott figures it is all a big mistake, until Parini shows him his wife's obituary too; and this is a mystery that Talbott can't leave well-enough alone. Someone with a scalpel and an embalming table is planting bodies under other people's names. Sandy Kasmarek runs an art gallery on Chicago's stylish North Michigan Avenue, and it appears that her late-husband is also one of them. With a photographer's eye, the quick feet of a black belt, and fingers that can hot-wire a car in seconds, she has the skill set you wouldn't expect from a good Chicago catholic-school girl. Coupled with Pete in this political thriller, they bring enough action, romance, thrills, and stark terror that even the Undertaker might be in trouble. A Witness Protection shell game, more Mafia crime, or just another FBI murder mystery? From a funeral home in Indiana, to car chases on the Dan Ryan, snipers in Washington Square, sleazy lawyers, corrupt County sheriffs, a bloody Back Bay townhouse in Boston, the FBI, and Mafia hit men, the Undertaker is a non-stop suspense thriller, because if Pete and Sandy can't stop them, they know they will be next on the Undertaker's list.

If you enjoy The Undertaker, take a look at the author's two new suspense novels. Amongst My Enemies centers on an old German U-Boat rusting on the bottom of the Baltic. Inside are millions in gold, stolen art and jewels, and a secret that could tear NATO apart. Thursday at Noon is a Middle East thriller filled with spies, rockets, action, Islamist radicals, and a broken-down CIA agent trying to stop the next Arab-Israeli war. And Winner Lose All is a cold war thriller dealing with espionage, treachery, and shifting alliances as once war ends another 'cold' one begins.

The Undertaker now has 66 Five-Star! and 51 Four-Star! Amazon Reviews from independent reviewers and bloggers.

350 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 183 reviews.

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Ribbons of Death, by Edita A. Petrick. (Still free?)

"Author Edita A. Petrick takes readers on an exciting journey with her well-written story about a myth that comes to life. I liked the suspenseful build-up and clever, amusing process she created that has Stella and Carter thinking of clues, and the friendship they have formed. Readers who enjoy books about ancient myths, legends, and archaeology will find Ribbons of Death by Edita A. Petrick a delightful, but reflective story." -- Reader's Favorite

When the federal agent Timothy J. Carter, undercover as an executive with an Ohio environmental firm, sets out to visit Stella Hunter, a disgraced academic, he expects to gain insight on possible causes of a recent outbreak of madness at a peaceful women's rally in Cairo.

His scarred face and a short footage of the riot are the evidence he means to use to persuade her to help him without probing his reasons. What he doesn't expect to hear is that a product of ancient myths and legends is causing these deadly riots. And that another crackpot academic spent ten years chasing after this mythological deity.

But twenty-four hours later, when a peaceful rally at the Mall in Washington disintegrates into murderous riot that leaves hundreds dead and thousands injured, Carter is forced to consider the unthinkable: What if the product of ancient myths and legends somehow made it on to the US soil...?
320 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 12 reviews.

Kill Daddy (Get a Life Book 1), by Gerald Freeman. (Still 0.99?)

"Gerald Freeman is a master storyteller. Mr. Freeman has successfully painted a vivid picture of life in some amazing and exotic, yet overwhelmingly poverty-stricken, places like Uganda and Kenya. From start to finish, the reader experiences both the beauty and the danger of traveling the back roads and jungles through the eyes of the author. Kill Daddy is one of those rare books that will stay with you long after you've finished reading the last page." -- Amazon reviewer

Trauma from the past becomes a part of who you are. It weighs down on the present, suffocating life and preventing you from healing and moving on. If you continue to carry this baggage around long enough, you will eventually become who you are not. Believe in the essential goodness of your true self, however, and you will accept the past, but let go of the burden and finally become the real you.

This is the story of one man's struggle to accept the past and move on before it destroys everything he is and could ever hope to be. In desperation Gerry flees society to save his sanity and ends up in the remote villages of East Africa. Midst the poverty, he encounters hope and more love than he could imagine. Will it be enough to save him? Can he repair the damage done to him in his childhood or will his abusers win in the end?
201 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 26 reviews.

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Everything's Coming Up Rosie (The Trouble With Men Series Book 2), by Kasey Michaels. (Still free?)

"If you're looking for a fun (quick) contemporary romance, this book is it. Not only is it well written, as I've found all Kasey Michaels books to be) but you can rest more easily knowing that it there's at least one couple out here in the real world who has lived through the experience and can attest to how (scarily) accurate it is in some places, how fun it was at the time, and what great memories it gave us (not to mention a great story to tell our kids)." -- Amazon reviewer

Book Two in The Trouble with Men Series from New York Times Bestselling Author Kasey Michaels.
Could anything be more boring than a week-long celebration leading up to a high society wedding? Well, that all depends...

Doug Llewellyn, reluctant guest, is greeted with a world-shattering kiss doled out by a beautiful (and rather luscious) stranger who asks him to play along as his date for the week. Rosie Kilgannon, friend of the bride, is also stuck at the country estate, but she's determined she isn't also going to be stuck with the mother-of-the-bride Bettie's choice of partner for her.

Should Doug oblige? Hell, yes - this woman is gorgeous, funny, and different from anyone he's dated (and, boy, has this confirmed bachelor dated!).

Doug meets the scruffy leader of the band brought in for the week, who introduces himself as, "Anvil. Ear Waxx." To which Doug replies, "Doug. Occasional sinus congestion." Rosie laughs, and he knows his prospects for an enjoyable week just climbed a few dozen notches.

But nothing is easy. Bettie is busy sleeping her way through the band, the groom is looking decidedly shady, the bride is crying, the wedding planner is more than taste-testing the booze... and there's this rather likeable nerd running about the grounds in a pith helmet, using a butterfly net as he tries to rid the outdoor wedding venue of squirrels.

Lucky for Rosie and Doug the sex is good - because it's only Tuesday, and they've got a long way to go before the wedding!

384 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 40 reviews.

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