The Gun Trial (Sophia Christopoulos Legal Thriller Series Book 2), by Dale E. Manolakas. (Still 2.99?)

"I loved this book. Being retired from the law profession it brought back memories. It showed how some stories are crooked but if you look you will find a lawyer who is for you. It held my attention. I did not want to put it down. If you like legal thrillers this is a great one." -- Amazon Reviewer
☆Inspired by a real case, this is the latest release by top-selling legal thriller author Dale E. Manolakas ☆ [4.5 Stars ~ 26 Reviews USA]
In this legal thriller, a Yale student's tragic end triggers a deadly fight for justice against gun sellers and an attack on the Second Amendment right to bear arms. As guns fire and lives shatter, media wars and violence drive this legally pivotal trial against gun sellers. Only the small Los Angeles firm of Kraus & White will take on the cutting-edge case against the national gun establishment and corporate oligarchs. Amidst the firm's internal strife, lead trial lawyer Sophia Christopoulos and her team fight the well-financed, corrupt opposition in hostile Bakersfield, California. Social tensions fuel the already volatile mix compounded by demonstrations, deaths, scandal, and the ratings-hungry media. Fighting for her life and her firm's survival, Sophia pushes the Second Amendment case to a climactic trial-confronting the ubiquity and difficulty of gun violence and guns themselves in America. [First in the legal thriller series-Lethal Lawyers-Top 100 Amazon Legal Thriller for a Year]
5-Star Reviews: "Page-turning suspense," "Read this one. Drama, Pathos ... Sensational ... A Great Entertainment Bargain," "Great read, great characters, story moves at a fast pace looking forward to next book!" "Remarkably complex novel. Through vivid characters and numerous plot twists, it explores some of the most difficult issues our nation faces." BUY NOW

664 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 26 reviews.

Silent Counsel, by Ken Isaacson. (Still 2.99?)

"Ken Isaacson's knowledge of the legal system and his intriguing ability to deviate from the traditional views into the realm of "what if", in a totally plausible story separate him from the traditional law novelists. Ken Isaacson's first novel will have you eagerly awaiting his next one!!!" -- Amazon Reviewer
Suppose the unimaginable: What if your child were killed in a hit-and-run? And the one person who knew the driver's identity-his lawyer-couldn't tell you his name because of a legal technicality? "Silent Counsel" is the story of just such a nightmare. After Stacy Altman's six-year-old son is run down in front of their house, with no witnesses to the tragic accident, she learns that the driver has hired attorney Scott Heller to negotiate a plea arrangement with the prosecutor. But he's instructed Scott not to reveal his name until a satisfactory agreement is in place. The prosecutor refuses to make a deal, and the court rebuffs Stacy's efforts to force Scott to tell her-or even the authorities-who his client is, holding that the information is protected by the attorney-client privilege. Since the court won't do anything to help Stacy track down her son's killer, she takes matters into her own hands. And she's determined to make Scott talk-at any cost… When Stacy's stalking of Scott's young daughter escalates into a kidnapping, Scott makes the only reasonable choice a parent can-cooperate and give up the client. That's when Scott discovers that doing the right thing isn't as easy as he thought-and now the mother isn't the only one looking for the child's killer.

345 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 149 reviews.

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Knights of the Inner Rim (Beyond the Outer Rim Book 0), by Reiter. (Still free?)

"This book is honestly amazing! The way that the author weaves so many of the character's stories together, each with their own personalities and styles, as well as the vivid and compelling description of the environment around them, makes this a fascinating read." -- Amazon Reviewer

"You've come to the Rims. This is the place of High Adventure!"

It all began with One Last Errand (SylverMoon Chronicles Vol V). Before Dungias, before JoJo Starblazer, before the games being played to change the known universe... First there was a single young boy touched by fate.

Orphaned at a very young age, Valian Styrke found himself in a realm far away from where he was born. Adopted and raised by the House Jhormynn, Valian was part of a world to which he never truly belonged. A world that tried to label him - a world that tried to change him.

But Valian ketp to his heritage; he maintained his identity and most importantly, he kept to the dedication of courage and honor demonstrated in his parents' final act... A dedication and loyalty which will be tested time and time again in his quest to become the man his parents meant him to be.

"A venturesome sci-fi/fantasy novel for readers who really want their action set where no man has gone before." - Kirkus Reviews

Beyond the Outer Rim Series:
Knights of the Inner Rim - a BTOR Adventure & Introduction to the Rims
Prelude - Star Chaser: The Traveler
Bridge Novel - Pieces of the Dark Eight
Book One - Starblazer: Through the Black Gate
Bridge Novel - Rising Gods and Falling Crowns
Book Two - Starflight: The Prism Baronies

421 pages, with a 4-star rating from 7 reviews.

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The Forbidden: Prequel Novella to the Ancestors Saga (An Epic Fantasy Romance Series), by L. E. Holmes. (Still free?)

"This book was awesome. I enjoyed the description of past gods ruling the people's hearts. This beginning has me looking forward to the next book in this series." -- Amazon Reviewer

As the blood settles into the snow, Rebaa's life lies in tatters. Her adopted tribe has been slaughtered behind her, leaving her lost and isolated in a freezing and hostile world.

Burdened by her murdered lover's offspring, Rebaa must now face the impossible. She sets out on a perilous journey to find a safe haven for them both. But what haven could possibly exist for one who bears... the Forbidden.

Thus begins the first step in the Ancestors Saga...

Exciting and compelling, the Ancestor's Saga is an epic journey 40,000 years into our own dark and forgotten past. As the world teeters on the brink of another glacial winter, homo sapiens are not the only human to walk the Earth. When the destiny of the entire human race hangs in the balance, the prize for the survivors will be the Earth itself.

The Ancestors Saga is prehistoric fantasy romance, combining history, mystery and legend to retell a lost chapter in humanity's dark and distant past.

Interview with the author about the Ancestors Saga

Q: What drove you to write the Ancestors Saga?

A: I have always loved epic fantasy romance, in reading, writing and in film. The story for my two main characters for the saga-main hit me about six years ago and the world grew up around them. It just demanded to be told.

Q: What is special about the Ancestors Saga.

A: The Ancestors Saga takes readers into a visionary world that has been lost to the depths of time. It offers a glimpse of a world that might have been with a new fantastical edge. It explores where our own folklore, myths and legends may have arisen and what humanity might have become had circumstance allowed a different, more spiritual path.

Q: What is the main driving force for the Saga.

A: I like my characters to be at the heart of the story, their journey is told directly from their own hearts and minds. I wish the reader to experience their hardships and struggles through their eyes alone. The driving force behind the whole story is the journey these characters embark upon.

Q: Will there be much romance within this fantasy saga?

A: Definitely, but I am not going to spoil anything by elaborating between whom at this point!

Q: What is your target audience?

A: This series is a certain fantasy bestseller for anyone above the age of 18 who enjoys epic fantasy with a new vision and romance at its heart. I would place it for new adult readers.

94 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 9 reviews.

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