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Foolish Gamble (Classic Romance Collection Book 1), by Lita Lawson. (Still 3.99?)

"Love this book! It held my interest from beginning to end. I especially like the end as it brought the story full circle. The heroine Cassi Whitaker is a wonderful character, who puts her love for horses and her personal integrity above all. It is a fast read and leaves you with a good feeling. Praise for the author Lita Lawson. Looking forward to more exciting adventures from her!" -- Amazon Reviewer

An unexpected gift and a gamble on passion... Austin Keller's latest girlfriend has a grudge: Kentucky's most notorious playboy and sought after bachelor hasn't endowed her with the engagement ring she hoped for. So she gets her revenge by giving ownership of one of his finest racehorses to a complete stranger! Cassi Whitaker is desperate: If she doesn't find some money soon, her family's debt-ridden farm will be foreclosed and she will lose her beloved colt, Foolish Gamble. She can't believe her luck when during a chance encounter she's given the registration of a valuable thoroughbred. Austin is skeptical when Cassi comes along, claiming she wants to return his horse. But the attraction between them is electric, and her failing farm could be key to conquering the Bluegrass racing world. Austin always enjoys a good challenge, and offering Cassi a business proposition she can't refuse could be the best gamble he's ever taken.

225 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 13 reviews.

Shadow Born: a New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel (Shadows of Salem Book 1), by Jasmine Walt. (Still 0.99?)

"The authors Rebecca Hamilton and Jasmine Walt have written a story that you can't put down (and when you do it's usually to check under the bed to make sure there are no surprises waiting for you). Follow Brook as she discovers what happened to her fiance and learns the truth about the paranormal community in Salem. It's worth every lost minute of sleep." -- Amazon Reviewer

Chicago Police Detective Brooke Chandler is keeping a secret… and if she's not careful, it could get her killed.

Brooke is no stranger to the supernatural. In Chicago, vampires are just as prevalent as drug lords, and infinitely more bloodthirsty. So when her partner and fiancé dies in a mysterious fire while chasing down a lead in Salem, she suspects something dark and otherworldly is at play.

Blessed with the ability to see into the past by touching inanimate objects, Brooke transfers to the Salem PD, hoping her talent will help her get to the bottom of things. Between dodging assassination attempts and being stonewalled at every turn, the going is tough. Add in a mysterious fae club owner with secrets of his own and a personal grudge against her, and it becomes nearly impossible.

If Brooke wants to play in the supernatural sandbox, she's going to have to roll up her sleeves and get dirty. But how many people will have to die for Brooke to discover the truth about her fiance? And is she even ready to know?

Find out what lurks in the SHADOWS OF SALEM by pre-ordering SHADOW BORN, the latest Urban Fantasy hit readers are comparing to Karen Marie Moning and Patricia Briggs.

262 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 83 reviews.

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Star Shroud (Ascension Series Book 1), by Ken Lozito. (Still free?)

"To keep it simple, I truly enjoyed this novel. Although I read scifi novels for leisure, most usually leave me bored or dismayed by endless technical trivia, never-ending battle tactics, and the like. This novel is distinctly human in its story, and its details were not beyond the realm of possibility. I found something very hopeful in the telling of this tale even as it weaves together the brighter and darker elements of human nature against a backdrop of space exploration and alien contact. I enjoyed the story to its conclusion, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series." -- Amazon Reviewer

Humanity is about to learn they aren't alone.

Zack Quick has been on the move for ten years hacking big corporations and exposing their secrets. Then he stumbles upon one of the biggest discoveries that will forever change the world and possibly get him killed.

Kaylan Farrow is the pilot for Earth's most advanced spaceship whose maiden voyage is supposed to take her crew to Titan, but newly released images from a deep space probe threaten to cancel the mission.

Kept secret for 60 years, the discovery of an alien signal forces a NASA pilot and computer hacker to team up to investigate an alien structure discovered in the furthest reaches of the solar system.

The Star Shroud is the first installment in a action packed science fiction thriller series. If you like space opera adventure stories with clever heroes, impossible situations, and chilling discoveries, then strap yourself in, you're in for a fun nonstop thrill ride. Buy The STAR SHROUD and start your epic journey today!

261 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 71 reviews.

In the Presence of Enemies, by William J. Coughlin. (Still 0.99?)

"William Coughlin's style is deceptively plain and unadorned. Nevertheless, he creates full-fledged, believable and interesting characters about whom i cared. But the thing that sets this novel apart is his sense of place. the story is set in Michigan. Coughlin describes the attractive, vibrant downtown business district, the exciting restaurants, and the intriguing waterway topography of Detroit. The synergy of character, plot, and place remain intact throughout." -- Amazon Reviewer

In the trial to decide many futures, can Jake survive?

It's been five years since hardworking lawyer Jake Martin started at Sperling, Beekman, Howe, Woods, & Simon.

A senior associate, he's had his eye on the coveted position of partner for far too long…and five years in, it's make or break time.

When client Augustus Daren finally passes away after a year on life support, Jake is pulled into a world where the truth is more complicated than it seems.

Daren's last will and testament places the control of his bank, Hanover Square, in the hands of his fourth wife, the clever and beautiful Elizabeth Daren, but his two grown children are furious.

Gussie and Chip have no need for the money, but they do want the bank - and are willing to go to any lengths to get it.

Claude Louis deSalle, the devious president of Hanover Square, is similarly shocked by the contents of Daren's will.

His ambitions foiled, deSalle works behind the scenes as part of a silent team determined to get rid of Elizabeth Daren.

In their eagerness to destroy their stepmother, Gussie and Chip hire Tiger Sage, an experienced trial lawyer to contest the validity of the will.

Canny, quick, and more than able to turn a jury in his favour, he shines in a courtroom in a way that Jake can only dream of.

And when Jake, a lawyer with zero experience of litigation, is unexpectedly assigned the task of trying the case, he finds himself at the mercy of powerful men and women, buffeted back and forth by currents of power.

Ultimately, he realises that when in the presence of enemies, the only person you can truly count on is himself…

Praise for William J. Coughlin

"Good storytelling … jackhammer drive … the climax is gripping." - Detroit News

"Satisfying and right on target … Among Coughlin's best."- Detroit News

"Coughlin keeps you burning the midnight oil to the very end." - Kirkus Reviews

"First-rate entertainment." - Booklist

William J. Coughlin has combined a career as a United States administrative judge with that of a bestselling novelist. A former defence attorney and judge in Detroit for twenty years, he authored sixteen novels, and his experience living and working provided some of the inspiration for his law- and courtroom-themed thrillers.

407 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 13 reviews.