Night of the Coyote, by Ron Schwab. (Still 0.99?)

"This book was an unexpected surprise. I love Westerns but I have to admit that many are formulaic. Even then, I can enjoy a good ol' "shoot 'em up" even if it has no basis in reality. "Night of the Coyote" was a real page-turner, though. The characters were very well-developed, with human foibles - just like real people (say what?!?). There was enough intrigue to keep me reading well past my bedtime. I couldn't guess where it was headed and loved that it kept me on my toes. Though firmly and very authentically rooted in the Old West, the book had a modern feel so far as its readability. This was not some dusty, old school Western, like an episode of "Gunsmoke". It was much more intricate and I felt truly vested in the characters. Author Ron Schwab has gained a new fan and I look forward to reading another of his books very soon! " -- Amazon Reviewer

Two people murdered.
Two suspects lynched for the murders.
To some in Lockwood, this passes for justice . . . but not Ethan Ramsey.

A high-stakes murder mystery on the American frontier.

In 1875, two young Sioux are lynched in Lockwood, Wyoming by a makeshift posse for a crime they may or may not have committed. Ethan Ramsey knows he must act quickly to prevent a bloody retaliation from their Sioux tribe. Can he gain the trust of both the Sioux and the townspeople of Lockwood to allow enough time to unravel the mystery of the crime and ensure justice is fairly served?

In Night of the Coyote, the worlds of the old and new collide, and the clock is ticking for Ethan to prevent a further descent into violence.

242 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 21 reviews.

The Congregation: A Jake and Amanda Bannon Novel, by Desirée Bombenon. (Still 0.99?)

"The story moved at a fast pace, and kept me in suspense until the very end. The characters were believable, and the reader is caught up with The Gathering and The Inner Circle until the climactic ending. What drives someone to believe in something that they will do anything to nurture that belief, sometimes at the expense of others? What happens when that belief is tarnished? What do you do to resolve it? How do you go on? The author does a good job in answering these questions by writing a story that is "unputdownable." I will definitely be reading more books in this series." -- Amazon Reviewer

The one thing that they had in common was they had nothing to believe in, until now.

North America's charming mystery-solving couple is back after wrapping up a terrifying kidnapping case in Hawaii. Amanda and Jake Bannon are affluent, stylish, and still in love after all these years. On a well-deserved vacation in Italy, they plan to enjoy the ancient golden beauty of Rome. They'll just pick up the rosary Amanda's mother wanted blessed from Cardinal Roland at the Vatican, and they'll be free to indulge in those luxurious red wines and sumptuous dishes they'd been dreaming about with no further interruptions.

But when Cardinal Roland asks them to deliver a relic to Father Kristofferson, a dear friend of his in Chicago, the pair finds themselves pulled into the center of a deadly plot. Handsome Josh Newman, brilliant honor student at St. Ignatius College Prep, is the magnetic leader of a secret gathering of Chicago youth who conspire with Father Kristofferson to bring down the Church to avenge the pain they have suffered in life. While Amanda tries to make sense of her psychic visions, she and Jake find themselves cornered in an old church, and time is running out. With bullets flying, will they survive and be able to put a stop to the events that have been set in motion?

With a cast of well-drawn and original characters, The Congregation is a fast-paced and sometimes shocking tale of what happens when the idealism and innocence of youth unveil the dark history of hypocrisy in the Catholic Church. Bombenon's adventurous and romantic couple provides the perfect amount of humor and wit in a sophisticated, exciting, and thought-provoking book.

265 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 20 reviews.

Free today!
Dearest Daughter: Become Who You Were Created To Be, by Jeremy Mark Lane. (Still free?)

"This devotional is written in letter form from God to His daughters. The subjects were especially meaningful to me. Ones I deal with on a daily basis, such as pride, the enemy & ghosts of the past. It is well written and follows with a scripture, which I loved. I really felt these devotionals along with the prayers at the end of each day strengthened my walk." -- Amazon Reviewer

Ask yourself these three questions:

Do I know who I am?
Do I know my purpose?
Do I walk in freedom?

I hope you'll be honest with yourself as you answer these three questions. And if the answer to any of them is 'No', I hope you'll have enough love and respect for yourself to decide that today is the day that something needs to change. And if you decide that, I hope you'll pick up this book and give God the chance to fight for you. Give Him the chance to fight for your mind, your heart, and your soul.

Discover who you are, step into the purpose you were created for, and claim the life of freedom that is waiting for you. Become the Daughter you were created to be.

114 pages, with a 5-star rating from 32 reviews.

House of Royals, by Keary Taylor. (Still 0.99?)

"Didn't know what to expect when reading yet another vampire book, but this one was a good one. The main character is in a unique situation and has to play in the dangerous games of vampire politics that will always end with someones death. Having the world be about more than just vampires vs. humans is an interesting twist that adds a whole new layer of complexity that pulls you in and makes you want to read more." -- Amazon Reviewer

If you loved BRANDED, you won't want to miss HOUSE OF ROYALS, Keary Taylor's newest dark, romantic read.

Every town has its history and skeletons, but Silent Bend, Mississippi's are darker than most. Ruled from the shadows by the House-the immortal Born and their aging, enslaved Bitten-everyone knows not to go out after dark and that the police will never look into crimes involving blood.

Alivia Ryan didn't know the man who claims to be her father through a will even existed until she inherits the Conrath plantation. Instead of the sleepy house she expects, she finds a mansion and a staff who look at her with fear in their eyes.

Ian Ward tried to kill Alivia the first time they met, and then insisted he train her to defend herself against the House, who he claims will try to manipulate and take her in for their own political reasons. And the growing attraction between them will threaten their lives-Ian is a sworn enemy of the House.

In Silent Bend, people disappear, the threat of a demented King and the legend of his resurrecting Queen hang over everyone's heads, and proving loyalty means far more than blood. You'd better watch who you trust in this town…

Book two, HOUSE OF PAWNS, releases December 15, 2015.

224 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 72 reviews.

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