Oath of Servitude (The Punishment Sequence), by C.E. Wilson. (Still 0.99?)

"The character development is amazing, and the story was wonderfully done. Cailin, a rebellious pixi, serves her year of punishment at the Ainsley household. She meets Owen and Teague, a father and son who have a tumultuous relationship. The relationship between the characters is one which many can relate to, and is very well written. In particular, the relationship between Teague and Cailin keeps you wanting to learn more. I highly recommend this book." -- Amazon reviewer

Teague's was the charmed life of a popular athlete that came to a crashing halt.
Cailin is a pixi learning the price of nonconformity in her rigid clan.
She fears the darkness.
He is trapped there for all eternity.
But when the two of them are thrown together, they begin to discover the light within themselves.

"Oath of Servitude has a great premise and remarkable, interesting characters...If you enjoy fantasy, definitely pick this one up!" - Minding Spot

"The storyline and characters were very unique, and I've never read anything like this before." - Katie Cohen, The Quiet Girl Talks

"The plot was refreshing and unique." - Readiculously Peachy

"...The storytelling is compelling, the characters have depth, and the story teaches us that admitting weakness and fear is not, in anyway, a sign of cowardice." - Book Junkie Joint

Note - Text re-edited on 9/8/2013 to fix typographical errors.

326 pages, with a 4-star rating from 35 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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Escape To Challenge (Moondark Saga, Book 1), by Don McQuinn. (Still free?)

"A surprise find! I normally don't read science fiction or fantasy, but I knew this author had won some awards, so I gave it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. The writing has an almost literary feel to it, the female characters are not window-dressing, but well drawn and powerful, and the warrior hero shows a depth of humanity that underscores the underlying message that the tribe or family is all-important. The author does a good job of blending character development with action and has created a fascinating culture within the post-apocalyptic world. There was even a bit of romance to give depth to the characters and sweeten the plot. I will definitely be looking for his next book." -- Amazon reviewer

It's been over 500 years since a devastating world war shattered modern civilization, leaving small bands of survivors to rebuild a world without technology or infrastructure. The people who inhabit the recovering world have no memory of the technologies of the past, and history has been twisted into legends.

Gan Moondark has always been a loner among his own people, preferring the company of his war dogs over his tribe. His father wants Gan to succeed him as War Chief for the Dog People, but his fellow tribesman thirst for battle and view him with mistrust. As tensions threaten to boil over into civil war, he must find out if he can live up to his father's expectations and become the great leader he's been prophesied to be.

All the while, deep in the heart of the Enemy Mountains, something both new and ancient is slowly awakening. A strange cave cradles a long-forgotten secret that is slowly coming back to life.

First in the Warrior Trilogy, Escape To Challenge is the first of nine books in the Moondark Saga.
276 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 11 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

Chill Run (A Mystery Thriller), by Russell Brooks. (Still 3.99?)

If you buy the printed book, the ebook is only 1.99, through Amazon's new Matchbook program. Tip: buy the print book as a gift for that mystery-loving reader you know, and get the ebook for yourself at the Matchbook price!

"A thriller you won't be able to put down." -- Coral Russell, Author of Amador Lockdown

"A writer to watch." -- Jeff Rivera, GalleyCat

"A real thriller running with humor and chills." -- Zack Kopp, Denver Book Examiner

"This was a very funny and cleverly written story."

"Couldn't put it down."" --

Sometimes publicity stunts go bad...Real Bad!

Starving author Eddie Barrow, Jr., will do anything to get a book deal with a NYC publisher. Even if it means getting caught by the media while engaging in S&M with a female celebrity as a publicity stunt. What Eddie gets instead are details of a billion dollar fraud scheme from a suicidal client who's fatally shot minutes later. Now on the run from the law and the killers, Eddie seeks help from two unlikely friends--an alcoholic and a dominatrix. With few resources, Eddie races to clear his name, unveil the fraud scheme, and expose the killers before he becomes their next victim.

247 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 81 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

Don't Look Back, by MJ Fredrick. (Still 3.99?)

If you buy this printed book, the ebook is only 0.99 through Amazon Matchbook.

"Ms Fredrick gives us an explosive, riveting novel in Don't Look Back as she produces a realistic plot filled with covert ops in a backwater small principality in Africa run by a blood thirsty warlord. She weaves her story with the hard knocks dialogue one would expect from paramilitary operators as she simultaneously, with a descriptive and horrifying narrative, paints pictures in her readers' minds of the horrors that only humans can inflict upon each other. She doesn't use excessive words to do it, her writing it tight and strong, and I don't believe you will find a better told story in twice the amount of pages. Ms. Fredrick's romance is poignant, tearful, painful and tender and, as can expected because of the trials her characters go through, her love scenes are filled with urgency, tension and their thought that this might be end, not only for the romance but for their very existence. Like me, I'm sure you will find yourself pulling for these very deserving people for their ride into the sunset." -- Amazon reviewer

A 2012 Epic Award Finalist

"The chemistry and sexual tension between Liv and Dell is sizzling. The action scenes of the book had me sitting on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put it down. I was able to get through this novel in one day, it was that good." --Tyhada Reads

"If you are the kind of fan who can't get enough of seat of your pants excitement, who loves terror filled moments followed by harrowing rescues and, in the mist of it all, a love affair that beckons to the romantic in us, all then go no farther. In "Don't Look Back", you'll find a novel to fill all those needs." --Long and Short Reviews

"In my opinion, the fact that M.J. Fredrick portrays the story in gritty and realistic terms to the very last detail made this earn a spot from my favorite reads for this year." --Realm of Romance

When her best friend is kidnapped in Africa, Dr. Liv Olney must return to the scene of her own horrific captivity. The only man she trusts is former Army Lt. Gerard "Del" Delaney, the man who rescued her. Even with him, she can't relinquish control of her emotions, needing to keep painful memories at bay.

In exile after a court martial that stripped him of everything, Del misses his son and his country. When Liv asks for help, his instinct is to turn away. But her courage reaches out to him and he cannot refuse, especially when she promises that she can help clear his name so he can go home.

Together they travel to Africa, where they fight warlords and monsoons, and learn to trust and hope that, together, they can find happiness and peace.

Excerpt: Del took a quick inventory-where had he been shot? He skimmed his left hand down over his abdomen before the man in front of him swayed and dropped to the ground, grin frozen, eyes open and glazed.

No pain. Del hadn't been shot. Breath coming fast, he turned to see Liv at the edge of the jungle, the Beretta braced in her bloody hands. Her eyes, when they focused on him, were hard, hot with anger.

Then, as if changing masks, she lowered the gun and hurried forward, hopping over vines, roots, stumbling into him. He caught her against his chest. Her heart pounded under his hands.

He stroked his thumb over her cheek, hot to the touch.

Leaning into him, she reached up. He flinched as her fingers brushed the tender skin of his temple.

"You're hurt."

He could taste her breath on his mouth, and wanted more. He watched her lips form words of concern, but adrenaline drained into another form of urgency. She'd saved his life.

The bushes rustled behind him. He whipped Liv around, pinning her to the tree, covering her body with his. Her breath came out in a grunt. He pressed so close he felt her heart beat. Together they raised their weapons in the direction of the sound.

Recognition hit a moment before his finger tapped the trigger.

208 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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