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White Gold: (A Dan Taylor thriller), by Rachel Amphlett. (Still free?)

"The writing is crisp and the plot believable. The style is reflective of the thrillers of Robert Ludlum as the main protagonist unearths the truth behind the conspiracies." -- Goodreads review

A conspiracy that will end alternative energy research; an organisation killing to protect its interests - and a bomb that will change the face of terrorism...

Here's what reviewers are saying about White Gold:

'Plenty of suspense, drama, excitement and detail for any reader that is a fan of Michael Crichton'

'The style is reflective of the thrillers of Robert Ludlum... a heart-pumping page-turning thriller.'

'There have been many thrillers coming out in the market today and, from time to time, we find one that completely catches our attention. White Gold is certainly one of them!' ~ Readers' Favorite

When Sarah Edgewater's ex-husband is murdered by a radical organisation hell-bent on protecting their assets, she turns to Dan Taylor - geologist, ex-soldier, and lost cause. Together, they must unravel the research notes that Sarah's ex-husband left behind to locate an explosive device that is circumnavigating the globe towards London - and time is running out.

In a fast-paced ecological thriller that spans the globe, from London to Brisbane and back via the Arctic Circle, Dan and Sarah aren't just chasing the truth - they're chasing a bomb that, if detonated, will change the future of alternative energy research and the centre of England's capital forever.

'Action, intrigue, conspiracies and romance. This book has it all. Right from the kick off this book had me hooked'

'White Gold is a slick environmental thriller that ticks all the boxes'

380 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 24 reviews.

The Cellini Payback: Morning Star Series 2, by Gary Stull. (Still 2.99?)

"Excellent summer read! Fast paced and entertaining." -- Amazon reviewer

When an off-duty visit to a quaint Bavarian town nearly claims his life, cruise ship detective John Lochinvar (Lock) must reexamine his past. Someone wants him dead. While his life reads like a Shakespearean tragedy - a failed marriage, a tryst with a younger woman who's a dead ringer for the ex-wife, a grown daughter who schemes to reunite her parents, and a taste for alcohol of Dionysian proportions - nothing points to murder.

Beset by doubt and pursued by killers, Lock returns to duty on the Morning Star - a floating world of low-cut gowns and silk tuxedos, five course dinners and Cuban cigars, topless bathers and naïve tourists - a self-indulgent world where nothing is what it seems. In his one-week absence, credit card thieves have targeted the ship's most affluent passengers in a scheme so well-conceived it could ruin the PanHellenic Line.

Self-absorbed and always glib, Lock defends his life as he struggles to save the ship from the insidious plot. He turns for help to his former investigative partner and lover, the stunning Rachel McKean. Wherever the trail leads - from picturesque Germany to historic Rome, from sun-drenched Capri to mobbed-up Le Spezia, from remote Brindizi to cash-starved Athens -- Lock must follow as he battles personal demons, professional killers, and an unexpected traitor.

322 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 1 reviews.

Dragon Rising, by Tom Fallwell. (Still 4.99?)

"A very solid, entertaining read that I find easy to recommend to teens from thirteen on up and to the YA crowd. Even younger readers in the ten to twelve year range should easily be drawn in to this family-friendly tale, and enjoy the third member of the team, Morlok, who reminded me a little of the Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland, the way he was described. Though he's very much his own, delightfully well imagined creature that even younger readers should gravitate to." -- Amazon reviewer

Only a dragonblood, one who can transform into a mighty dragon, can again bring peace and justice to Almar, but all those of that mystical race have been murdered by the evil High Lord Kargoth who now rules the land. The Followers of the Blood oppose the High Lord, waiting for the fulfillment of a prophecy that a dragonblood will come and bring peace once again to Almar. Delina, a young elven girl who lives alone in the forest, wants nothing to do with men or even other elves, but now she has become the center of attention for the forces on both sides, and she must learn the truth of who and what she is before it is too late.
253 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 6 reviews.

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Somebody Nice!, by Raine O'Tierney. (Still free?)

"What a wonderful story about two very different but very sweet men. Danny is a very sexy, police officer with a little girl. Milo is a very shy younger librarian. Melissa is the little girl that Danny is raising who is sweet, smart and trying to make sure that they are all happy. This was a beautifully written, wonderfully warm story about pure love. I thought it was wonderful. I highly recommend about this book!" -- Amazon reviewer

Milo and Danny's relationship is just starting to heat up, but Milo's not quite ready to be introduced as "the boyfriend" to Danny's adopted daughter, Melissa. So what happens when precocious Melissa takes it upon herself to find Danny a girlfriend and enlists the help of her school librarian, Milo, along the way? An adorable story about family and romance.


Dear Author, Profile
Name: Danny
Age: 35
Location: New York City
Sexuality: Male seeking Male
Looking for: a nice person! Who loves dogs! And children!
About Me

This is Danny, he is a very nice person and he is very funny, but I think he is lonely. He helped me when my mom wanted to sell me to a reality show and now I live with him and I wanted to do something back for him so I want to find someone for him, because he has only me and Bunny, that's his dog, who is really big. And I'm 7 years old and Danny is 35, which is really old, but that doesn't matter he looks younger. Miss Portwood, my teacher said I need to say what Danny likes to do and he likes to walk with Bunny and work out and play football with me and Bunny and he works also, I think he is a police officer or something, he has a really cool car! And he has a ring in his nipple, which I think is really ouch, but he says people like it. I don't understand why but Danny says I need to be older but I'm already 7.

Hugs, Melissa

Photo Description:
A man stares at the camera, a hint of a smirk on his lips. His stubble-covered chin is tilted slightly down, and he has intense brown eyes. His black, gray, and white checkered shirt is open revealing his collarbone and a bit of chest. He wears a fisherman's cap, hiding his hair. Only his ears peek out. Freckles cover his brow, cheeks, and chest. There's an old scar on his left cheek.

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love's Landscapes" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

80 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 19 reviews.

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