Daddy 3.0: A Comedy of Errors, by Rob Armstrong. (Still 2.99?)

"At first this book seemed like a light and hilarious romp through raising children and contending with other parents. And it was. But the reason I really really loved Daddy 3.0 was because of the deeper truths it addressed about trying to nurture oneself and one's marriage while raising kids. Great book!" -- Amazon Reviewer

What a mess. This was not supposed to happen.

This isn't where Nick Owen thought he would be by this point in life. He used to be a busy web programmer. Now he spends most of his energy trying to stop his three-year-old twins from playing in a dirty sand pit. Nick thinks of himself as Daddy 3.0, a stay-at-home-dad-but he just wasn't programmed for this.

He must navigate a new world of jungle gyms and playdates while supporting his surgeon wife. He tries his best to be there for the twins, but he can't stop making a mess of things. He's just about nearing the end of his rope when the Swing Incident happens. The Swing Incident, spoken of in hushed tones around Nick's New York City apartment building, has caused the resident queen bee, nicknamed "Supermom," to declare him an enemy for life. No matter what Nick does to get back into Supermom's good graces, he fails spectacularly.

Now Nick's going to have to learn to fight fire with fire and become the best superparent on the block. This hilarious new book by Rob Armstrong chronicles one man's journey into the world of modern fatherhood-one botched haircut, playground fight, and dirty diaper at a time.

Stay-at-home-dads have a new hero, of sorts.

New Book Releases - Comedy, Satire, Family Life and Humor

A Kindle Unlimited Comedy

Amazon Reviews

"This book is great I could not put it down."

"You have to love a dad who is just doing his best to keep home and kids under control AND keep his wife happy."

"This was incredibly enjoyable and made me feel a bond with the author. This is a simple, quick read, that is thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining."

"You will laugh out loud, as you can absolutely picture the scenes. Anyone who has kids, whether a dad or mom, will relate with these experiences and thoroughly enjoy the ride."

"This novel, rich with detail and wit, brings the characters to life. I feel like I know Nick Owen and his chaotic children. Armstrong brilliantly chronicles the evolution of a man and his relationships. A must read!"

Other Reader Reviews

"Hilarious daddy 3.0..story about a computer geek turned stay at home dad..the best part someone asks towards the end, my husband is the oldest version 1.0, where can I upgrade him cheap..wish the author would have given a link for the upgrade" - Mathangi Sri, India

"It did not take me long to read this book simply because, once started, I didn't want to stop reading. The only thing slowing me down were the tears in my eyes from laughing so much. The situational comedy was absolutely hilarious. I kept thinking, "I'd love to see this movie." The quality of the writing added to the reading pleasure. If this is the first book, I look forward to his second, third and more." - Chuck Hossack, PA

Book Categories

Family Life
Fiction - Comedy (Funny)
Fiction - Humor
Fiction - Satire

Fiction - Family Life Satire

Fiction - Family Conflict Humor

Fiction - Comedy Romance


Parenting - Stay-at-Home Dads

Parenting - New York Parents

Parenting Twins

Parent and Children

Available on Kindle Unlimited - "Go get lost in a good book!"

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257 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 42 reviews.

Life on Nubis, by Robert Harken. (Still 0.99?)

"The story of Life on Nubis is compelling and action packed. It takes life to a new dimension through the eyes of a family of four. Alternate life forms similar to their own gives them a reason for pause. The family of four has to overcome the adverse elements of not only space travel but planet Nubis, itself." -- Amazon Reviewer

By 2040, efficient machines displace humans in nearly all tasks. Unable to contribute and too poor to consume, these surplus people succumb to propaganda from Earth's Emigration Effort and become cargo on interstellar starships launched toward distant solar systems. Aiden Haven, one of the displaced, departs Earth on the eve of parity between human and artificial intelligence. Believing he embarks on an adventure to resuscitate his life, Aiden underestimates the risks of colonizing an inhospitable planet. When his daughter, Sarah, resurrects the future that colonists abandoned on Earth-a future now stalking them-father and daughter must face forces of nature and Earth's legacy or witness the destruction of their colony's last refuge.

Rules change; adapt or perish.

Praise for Life on Nubis:

"Recalling a time when sf placed an emphasis on science and theoretical speculation, Harken's thoughtful debut should appeal to fans of Ben Bova's planetary series (Mars; Venus; Jupiter), Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy (Red Mars; Green Mars; Blue Mars), and James Blish's classic Cities in Flight."-Library Journal (Starred Review and Science Fiction & Fantasy Debut of the Month, January 2013)

"Impressive and original . . . A first class read from beginning to end, 'Life on Nubis' is very highly recommended."-Midwest Book Review (Reviewed by Jack Mason for MBR Bookwatch, May, 2013)

"Robert Harken's Life on Nubis is one of the greatest sci-fi books of all time."-Gene Corman, producer of the EMMY winning A Woman Called Golda which starred Ingrid Bergman.

268 pages, with a 3.5-star rating from 10 reviews.

Free today!
Soft Case: (Book 1 in the John Keegan Mystery Series), by John Misak. (Still free?)

"A friend of mine bought this for me. Reading it, and enjoying it, I never thought it was a debut. This book is funny, exciting, and possibly one of the best reads I have experienced in a few years. If you like detective stories, this is a must have, period." -- Amazon Reviewer

Read the book that launched the John Keegan Mystery Series!

When New York City's most famous man dies suspiciously, Homicide Detective John Keegan must follow a trail of corruption that may just lead to the top of city government...and the end of his career.

Successful, rich people usually don't kill themselves. This is the thought that runs through Keegan's mind when he learns his partner, Rick Calhill, has scored them the Ronald Mullins case. Mullins had it all, money, power, and a beautiful wife. If anyone had a reason to commit suicide, it wasn't Mullins.

Despite this, the mayor, a good friend of Mullins, is convinced the one-time tycoon killed himself. So is practically everyone else. Except Keegan's partner. At first, it appears Calhill hopes to use this case to catapult up the NYPD ladder. Then, a case full of corruption and intrigue unravels. So does Keegan's life.

Keegan and Calhill investigate further, and find out Mullins was preparing a Senate run. They also discover marital problems, and friction between Mullins and his business partner. All of a sudden they can point a finger at half a dozen people who would want the software mogul dead. There is a pattern of corruption in Mullins' life and in city government, it seems, but before Keegan can make it near an answer, he is in handcuffs, framed, with his whole life falling to pieces around him.

Suspended, threatened, and betrayed, Keegan decides to go it alone, armed only with his belief in justice, and a handful of people he has no choice but to trust. He learns truths about the people he respected most, truths he doesn't want to know. In the end, he risks his job, and his life to solve the biggest case the city has seen in decades.

365 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 73 reviews.

New York Deep, by Andrew J. Morgan. (Still 0.99?)

"It had good character development and pacing. The story required the reader to suspend their disbelief but it did not become preposterous as some sci fi can do. It had several different story arcs and with the exception of one arc they were very complimentary." -- Amazon Reviewer

Deep below Manhattan, tunnel engineer Josh Reed leads his team as they excavate the East Side Access extending New York's railway service. But sparks fly as the drill hits an unusual crystalline material-one Josh has never seen before. They push on and Josh discovers something even more unexpected . . . a vast room, empty and lifeless.

Or so it seems.

When Josh finds out that the CIA are now looking for him, and that his co-workers have gone missing, he turns to his best friend and boss Lionel Parker for help. Together they unravel the mystery of the room, what's inside it, and why the CIA are so desperate to keep them silent.

It's nothing they could ever have expected.

New York Deep was written by the author of the hit novel Vessel. Also available from the author:

New Dawn
Noah's Ark

157 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 58 reviews.

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