Black Magic Academy, by Emily Martha Sorensen. (Still 0.99?)

"Imaginative and non-formulaic, this is a mix of magic, witches, giants, kings, curses and alligator pancakes, rolled into a compact one-sitting thoroughly enjoyable read. Looking forward to more in this series, which is suitable for ages ten and up, but more especially for girls, as the male characters haven't really come out to play as yet. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Mildred doesn't like black magic. But her mother was once valedictorian of Black Magic Academy, so her aunts insist she needs to follow in her footsteps and become one too.

Mildred doesn't want to be part of the popular crowd. Nor does she care about her "death-enemy." And she certainly has no interest in murderous spells. But if the teachers catch on that she's actually a good witch . . . well, they don't react well to that kind of ignominy.

What's the only good witch in a school of wicked witches to do?

(This book is 36,000 words long, or 150 pages in length.)

152 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 17 reviews.

A Thread in the Tangle (Legends of Fyrsta Book 1), by Sabrina Flynn. (Still 0.99?)

"Sabrina Flynn has created an extremely original tale, a fascinating world, and, most important to me, characters you love and feel as if you know by the the end of the book. The synopsis truly doesn't do it justice, but I'm not sure how a synopsis really could. You just have to read it to understand what a great storyteller Ms. Flynn is. With every line, she paints a picture with words and you imagine yourself going through the experiences along side the characters. " -- Amazon Reviewer

In a shattered realm where gods breathe and battle, sixteen-year-old Isiilde must find her feet among people who both despise and crave her kind. She trembles on a precipice, caught between the lust of men, the greed of kings, and an eternal struggle for dominance. As three powerful kingdoms vie to own her, the fire in her blood awakens, sparking a cataclysm of events that spiral into disaster. A barbarian, a madman, and a timid nymph are all who stand between light and oblivion.

461 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 83 reviews.

From the Ashes (A Ravenwood Detective Agency Mystery Book 1), by Sabrina Flynn. (Still 0.99?)

"I'm a huge fan of historical mysteries so I hungrily gobbled this one up. Ms Flynn doesn't disappoint, not in storytelling, or in the development of wonderful characters and a sense of place. This book gives the reader the sights, smells, and feel of San Francisco in late 1899. It takes the reader from the dirtiest wharf dive to the most prestigious men's club in the city, and many places in-between. As the Volume I suggests, I certainly hope this is the beginning of what will certainly be a long running series. The main characters are intriguing and beguiling. When you turn the last page, you too, will want to read more of Atticus Riot and Bel. They may not be a match made in heaven, but in the hell that is turn of the century San Francisco, they both have reasons to keep certain things to themselves. I will eagerly await Volume 2 as I need to know what happens next to Atticus Riot and Bel. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Ashes to ashes; dust to dust. Unfortunately, memories aren't so easily buried.

San Francisco, 1900. Atticus Riot returns home with death on his heels and grief in his heart. After twenty years of roaming the Barbary Coast, the gambler-turned detective is about to toss the game for good. But man plans and God laughs: the case of a missing heiress draws him in its wake. As he searches for the elusive Isobel Kingston, all is not what it seems, and he is sure to clash in a battle of wits and murder that will send his life spiraling down a most perplexing path.

268 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 49 reviews.

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Architects of Destiny (Cadicle #1): An Epic Space Opera Series, by Amy DuBoff. (Still free?)

"You know, for this genre, this might be the best yet that I have read. Well done all on counts, plot, storyline, character development, pace, complexity, and drawing the reader in to become emotionally invested. I mean, what else can I say? " -- Amazon Reviewer

Out of sight beyond Earth, the Taran empire spans the galaxy from its seat of power on Tararia.

Cris Sietinen was born with rare telekinetic gifts-abilities he refuses to ignore, regardless of the governing Priesthood's decrees. But, as heir to the most influential Dynasty on Tararia, only a stifled life of business and politics awaits him within the confines of his family's estate. Determined to be true to himself and explore the potential of his abilities, Cris leaves Tararia to begin a new life touring the stars.

When Cris unexpectedly receives an invitation to join the Tararian Selective Service (TSS), the only organization to offer an official telekinesis training program, a new future awaits. It's his dream opportunity to be among people like himself, free from the Priesthood and political objectives. Except, Cris' path was designed, and he's right where the Priesthood wants him.

Architects of Destiny is the first installment in the Cadicle series, a new space opera epic with elements of "Dune" and "Ender's Game." A fast-paced space adventure with intrigue, coming-of-age and romance, this short prequel is a prelude to the defining events in Tararia's history in the ensuing years.

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168 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 91 reviews.

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